AIMIA launches 1st comprehensive + independent Australian digital industry salary survey

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John-ButterworthAIMA300.jpgAIMIA has launched the first comprehensive and independent Australian Digital Industry Salary Survey. Sponsored by S2M, the AIMIA Digital Industry Salary Survey aims to analyse salaries paid to employees within the digital industry, from client services positions through to content production and user experience roles. Data collected provides the digital industry with quality and relevant information for organisations to help them resource effectively.
Says John Butterworth (pictured), AIMIA CEO: "We're pleased to launch our first salary survey and hope it will provide our members and the Digital Industry with valuable insight into remuneration, staff retention and revenue. The survey was promoted to the AIMIA membership base and we were excited to see a total of 103 organisations complete the survey representing almost a quarter of the AIMIA membership base."

The survey was designed to assess the nature, location and annual revenue of each organisation as well as total salary packages of a range of positions within the industry. It covers over 60 job titles across:

  • Executive Positions
  • Client Service Positions
  • Producer and Content Positions
  • Technology, Creative and User Experience Positions
  • Data, Analytics and Strategy Positions
  • Social Media and Search Positions
  • Media Positions
  • Sales Positions
  • Marketing Positions
  • Business Support, Finance and HR Positions

The largest industry category to fill out the survey was digital agencies, comprising 60.8 per cent of respondents. Publishers were the second largest industry category at 16.7 per cent, followed by creative agencies at 12.7 per cent and full service agencies at 7.8 per cent.

The majority of respondents fell into the under $5 million revenue band at 60 per cent. The second largest revenue band was $5 to $15 million with 28 per cent and only 12 per cent of respondents had an annual company revenue of over $15 million.

The average company staff turnover was 18 per cent while the average length of service was 3 years.

For organisations that completed the survey, a complimentary copy will be sent. For those who did not participate in the survey, please contact the AIMIA team here via email to purchase a copy of the survey.  

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