Cameron Mack moving to OMDWA

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Cameron_Mack.jpgMeerkats channel planner Cameron Mack (pictured) is leaving the agency to join OMDWA.

Mack joined Meerkats at the end of 2009, when he returned to Perth after spending three years working in the Brisbane market. Prior to that he had a long career in Perth, commencing with Chanel TEN in 1990.

The move means Mack will be re-united with Mark Pinney, with whom he worked at Meerkats until Pinney left to join OMDWA in April 2011.

The hugely experienced Mack is a significant addition to OMDWA's senior team.

Also joining OMDWA is former Mitchells account manager Ken Warwick, who has returned to Perth. Account director Tobie Rhodes finished up with the agency last week to join OMD in London.

OMDWA managing director, Adam Marshall said the two new appointments were significant and set the agency up for continued growth next year.
"We are delighted that Cameron has decided to join the team at OMDWA. Cam is one of Perth's most respected media thinkers and will add serious strategic firepower to the agency. As part of the appointment we are also discussing opportunities for Cam to continue working closely with Meerkats and their clients onsite in Subiaco. I am also very pleased that Ken Warwick has joined the team as an Account Manager. Ken has experience from the WA and Eastern States and is a proven media operator. These two appointments cap off an amazing year for our business and are a demonstration of our plans to continue to grow the agency in 2013."


Tobie said:

Well done Cam!

You'll do a brilliant job.

Take care of the team for me mate!

Pete said:

Mr Mack. Shaking up the media landscape. Nice work sir.

Mel said:

Looking forward to working with you!!

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