Rare fly south for Christmas

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L_RareXmas2012_1.jpgAfter a visit to the agency from Santa and his little helper (a 6'6" Ginger Bread man!), the team at Rare flew south for this year's Christmas party, boarding two private planes bound for Margaret River and lunch at the spectacular Leeuwin Estate!




Fromage said:

Is that Cheese?

Naomi Brown said:

You look fab!!
N. xx

Well done said:

Around Christmas, when the only surprise some employees get is a redundancy, it's nice to hear there's an agency that still believes in rewarding staff. Not just stakeholders. Good stuff, Rare.

simon said:

NIce one Rare....a great way to reward the effort put in by the team.
You all must be on cloud nine!

Richard said:

Wow! Rare must've had a good year! One of the few agencies around town.

Carol A Christmas said:

Other agency bosses around town, take note: every one of these employees will carry the memory of this with them all year. Into every pitch, every late night, every third or fourth round of concepts. Every extra mile they're asked to go. Long after the bean counters have signed off your latest rounds of staff cuts and the stakeholders have taken their slice of your meagre profits, this particular decision will still be paying dividends. Simply because, in an industry that claims to understand its target market, the current batch of senior managers is woefully missing the mark. You can't scare, bully and cajole staff into committing to your business. They just clam up and conspire against you. But get them on your side - by simple bribery if necessary - and they'll help you move mountains. Good luck to Rare in the New Year.

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