Perth director Olivier Mamet releases online short film - "Journal of an Epidemic"

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JOAE.jpgYoung director Olivier Mamet from Perth has released a short film "Journal of an Epidemic" online. It shows a terrifying future where a virus takes over the world. In a week, the short film garnered 19,000 views on vimeo alone.


Says Mamet: "I always wanted to create a small polished short film in the vein of 28 days later and Omega man. I did it as an avenue to showcase my storytelling skills and general directing style. I was really surprised when I woke up the next day to see that it had amassed 2 thousand views on vimeo in just one night. I had no budget and used a $400 prosumer level camera (t2i) to film the scenes in and around Perth... I think it shows that a massive budget is not always necessary to tell a story. The technology is out there and can really empower anyone who goes out and try".

Mamet began his career while studying film production at Curtin University. He opened a small communication company in Perth that focuses primarily on helping agencies and clients with online/web video needs.

Says Mamet: "I think technology has truly improved in the last 5-10 years and we need to adapt. I think that focusing on new methods and making unnecessary processes redundant is the way to go for anyone thinking of working and making a mark in video production."


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