St John Ambulance WA launches confronting new first aid campaign via The Brand Agency

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St-Johns-0142_UnderwaterBoy-v2_RGB-cropped[2].jpgSt John Ambulance Western Australia has launched a new advertising campaign with a hard-hitting message for people who aren't first aid trained via The Brand Agency.

The new campaign is led by 60, 30 and 15 second TV commercials that show a mother rush to the aid of her drowning child in a backyard pool, only to be prevented from rescuing him by an invisible barrier.

Says James Sherriff, St John general manager Metropolitan Ambulance: "That's exactly what it's like if you haven't had first aid training, there's a barrier preventing you from helping the other person. No matter whether it is a loved one or complete stranger, you feel instantly powerless to lend assistance."

The Brand Agency creative director Craig Buchanan said that there were huge production challenges.

"From a creative point of view we wanted the 'barrier' to be a simple metaphor for how it feels to be helpless and unable to save your child but it had to handled in a sensitive manner. Grant Sputore did an outstanding job. To achieve that level of performance in an actor is no easy feat," said Buchanan.

The integrated campaign plan includes radio, print, direct marketing and extensive online advertising, with planning and buying via The Brand Agency media team. Media partners include Channel 9, GWN, 94.5fm and 96fm.

Creative team: Craig Buchanan and David Donald
Agency Producer: Gemma Kay
Media Director: Angela Naaykens
Writer (radio): Mitch Mitchell
Director: Grant Sputore, Penguin Empire
Producer: Kelvin Munro
DoP: Allan Myles
Special effects: Last Pixel
Account Director: Holly Creasey
Sound Design (TV): Brad Habib (Soundbyte)
Radio Production: Brainestorm
Client: Arley Grey


Bill said:

Wow. Great ad. Just about fell off my chair

Top marks said:

This really hit home to me as a parent. Strong message and directed really well.

Tim said:


F#@* said:

Wow. Brilliant.

Wow - wow done said:

Best advert I have seen out of Perth ever.

spencer Battista said:

Great idea, nicely shot and produced. Well done to all involved.

Yes said:

Preeeeeeeerty fuckin nice. Well done.

Well said:

That escalated quickly. Nice work.

Right Thumb said:

Holy shit that was fantastic.

Bud said:

This scares the shit out of me. Good job.

Donna-Maree Gavin said:

Sheesh! And great acting too!

Tom said:

Wow, that was very confronting. Excellent work all involved.

Josh said:

Powerful stuff. Well done.

Andrew Tinning said:

Powerful stuff.

Drew Ridley said:

Powerful on so many levels

the commentator said:

It is nicely crafted, the boy striking his head sends a shiver down your spine, the mother's emotional response is powerful. But, and it is a really big but, the imagery of the mother not being able to get to her child just doesnt connect with knowing first aid. Reading the blurb we are supposed to understand that the barrier is the lack of knowledge.

Adam Barker said:

A very powerful idea that delivers the strategy perfectly. Great direction too.

Just being a knob said:

Love that the idea is campaignable too. You could do one for winter with a frozen sheet of ice over the pool, instead of the perspex pool cover shown in this ad.

SimpleLiving said:

Their point is very clear and more hard hitting than the grimreaper add of the 80's.
It made me cringe.
First aid should be a compulsory part of Primary School and High School curriculums and immigrants entering Australia.
My First Aid certificate is yours???

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