Bedshed launches new brand positioning and advertising campaign via creative agency Rare

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Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.01.11 am.jpgBedshed has released an advertising campaign which will see the national bedding retailer doing something its competitors don't: listening to its customers.

The new brand positioning is based on extensive research that was carried out late last year by Bedshed, and was developed by creative agency Rare.

May Catalogue Poster.jpgThe research pointed out that while customers prefer to buy from a bedding specialist, there is no brand loyalty to retailers or manufacturers and no differentiation between the big retail brands.

Bedshed national marketing manager, Sarah Freedman said things like modern stores, great prices, a wide range of products and knowledgeable staff are 'must haves' to even get on a customer's shopping list.

Says Freedman: "But beyond that, what sets one retailer apart from the next? At Bedshed it's the fact that we listen, really listen, to what a customer wants, understand their needs and then offer our expert advice. First we listen, then we advise. That's the Bedshed promise. It's what sets us apart from our competitors."

Rare creative director Brett Wheeler said the new brand positioning comes with afresh new look.

Says Wheeler: "The no one's better in the bedroom tagline remains but the little purple man has been replaced with real people to reflect the more human aspect of listening. Wewanted the campaign to have an authentic feel so we decided against using actors and opted for people off the street."

The new positioning is an evolution of where the brand is today and will extend across all of Bedshed's marketing, above and below the line.


unusual said:

must say i have been loving what Rare have been doing lately for some other clients but think this isn't a highlight

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