30 from 30: The people who have helped shape the industry and Campaign Brief: Your turn

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30PEOPLE_COMPOSITE.jpgFor Campaign Brief WA's 30th anniversary, over the thirty days of June we're looking back on 30 people who helped shape the industry and us.

It's come down to the last spot and there are still so many people who deserve recognition and our thanks. We've picked 29 so we thought we'd ask you who should be the 30th 'notable' from our 30 years.

Dick Baynham's agency was one of Perth's hottest in the 80s, whose alumni includes Ronnie Samuel, Basil Antonas and Wayne Henderson. Dick also wrote some splendid articles for us early on, including an interview with David Abbott after his PADC The West Australian Fellowship trip to Abbot's agency in the UK.

Michele Elliott was a legendary media director at Baynham, McCann Erickson, DMB&B, and her own media agencies Elliott House, AIS Elliot Matthews and The Media Shop. Later in her career she was a renowned educator at ECU and there are dozens of people who would credit her with having a major, if not the defining impact on their careers.
Steve Browning and Wayne Vinten's agency was one of Perth's hottest in the mid-90s. Browning wrote some of the best ads we have ever seen and heard in this state. Vinten was rewarded with a life membership of the PADC for his outstanding service to the Club.

Debra Shorter was as important to the success of FCB Shorter as her husband Bruce. She was an outstanding Chair of the AFA in WA and our Ad Person of the Year for 1998. Amongst her many achievements, Shorter established Youngbloods for people starting their careers in the industry. That group continues to go from strength-to-strength.

Alan Taylor (303Lowe) and Gavin Bain (Meerkats) are two current day leaders who have done and continue to do much for the industry. Besides his success as Managing Director of 303Lowe's Perth office, Taylor has been a key figure in seeing The Communications Council grow in this state. At Marketforce and now as MD of Meerkats, Bain has had a long-standing commitment to improving the industry. He is a current deputy chair of TCCWA, has twice been Chairman of the Oasis Committee, and is now also Patron of the PADC.

Speaking of The Communications Council, state manager Danielle Norrish continues to work tirelessly to make it relevant and representative. She was an enormously popular CB Ad Person of the Year in 2012.

And then there are people like Malcolm MacLean (FCB Shorter, The Brand Agency, 303Lowe and PADC Life Member), Michael Robinson (Baynham, The Agency), Don Odgers (The Agency, MJB&B), Vaughan Sutherland (MDA, Mojo, Shout), Russell Bowtell (BC&Y), John Morgan (JMA, Morgan MacFarlane), Ron Samuel (Baynham, JMAO&M, Cooch), Ian Tassell (Marketforce), Leah Hodgson (Marketforce), Mark Pinney (Initiative, Maxus, Meerkats, OMD), Kevin Leavy (Mojo, Shout), Lindsay Medalia (Marketforce, 303), Peter Nelson (JMA, McCann Erickson, The Brand Agency), Craig Buchanan (FCB Shorter, McCann Erickson, The Brand Agency), Warrick Barraclough (DMB&B, Stratagem), Ricki Smith (Marketforce, 303, HBF), Roger Farley (Office of Road Safety), Kim Newman (O&M/MDA/Clemenger), Dave Upson (Soundwest, Creating Waves), Julian Douglas-Smith (Creating Waves, Brainestorm, Soundbyte), Mark Johnson & Brian Bowley (J&B, JB&B, MJB&B), Tom Martin (Marketforce, MartinBillings, MJB&B, Mitchell & Partners/Dentsu Aegis Network) Liz Bindon-Bonny (PADC), Reed Collins (JMA), Simon McQuoid (AdLink, FCB Shorter), Gary Tranter (Clemenger, JDA), Marty Braine (Brainestorm), John Fragomeni, Steve Drew and Bruce Flint (First Light Digital).

There's also a raft of media people who have been great for the industry and us, including Peter Armstrong (The West Australian), Jamie Martinovich (TVW7, Nova), Martin Whittle (Austereo), Mike Mitchell (STW9), Paul Bowen (STW9), Greg Byrne (TVW7), John Wright (TVW7), Kevin Campbell (TVW7), Ray Wardrop (TVW7), Alisia Battalis (The Sunday Times), Cherie Gardiner (6PR), Marnie McKeown (Fairfax), David Fare & Mark Treasure (Network Ten, Media Tonic) and Kylee Payne (96fm, The West Australian, Network Ten, TVW 7).

Two people deserve special mention.

Garry Mann let us use his basement rent free as our first office. Without Gary's support we wouldn't have made 1 issue, let alone 30 years.

And the late, great, Mike Morris. As state sales manager at  Australian Posters, Mike was an unbelievable supporter of the magazine and our vision in the early days. Later he became Sales Director of our national title and was brilliant for us in that role too. We miss him every day.

But who should be our 30th notable person from our 30 years?  As the above list shows, there are plenty of people to choose from, and likely a few more we have forgotten (sincere apologies).

So have your say and add your nomination as a Comment.


Here's a recap of the past thirty days of our "30 from 30" series. All great people who helped shape our industry and Campaign Brief. They appeared, in no order of importance, daily throughout June:

ColinMullins_1_BLOG.jpgStevePretzel_1989_BLOG.jpgJune 1
Colin Mullins

June 2
Steve Pretzel
Pretzel Logic

Chicken_Tinning_BLOG.jpgGaryRoberts_1988_BLOG.jpgJune 3
Andrew Tinning

June 4
Gary Roberts

CarloBertozzi_07_BLOG.jpgDebraNeve_1990_BLOG.jpgJune 5
Carlo Bertozzi
June 6
Debra Neve
JMA/Media Specialists/
Merchant & Partners/
Initiative/ Mitchells/Carat

RonJenkin_1987_BLOG.jpgStephenWells_BLOG.jpgJune 7
Ron Jenkin

June 8
Stephen Wells

MikeEdmonds_1989.jpgHowardRead_1987_BLOG.jpgJune 9
Mike Edmonds
June 10
Howard Read

SteveHarris_1995_BLOG.jpgAdamMarshall_2008_BLOG.jpgJune 11
Steve Harris
Sunday Times/Brand Agency

June 12
Adam Marshall

JohnIlian_BLOG.jpgLesCorner_1988_BLOG.jpgJune 13
John Ilian
FCB Shorter

June 14
Les Corner
The West Australian

MichelleBlakeley_87_BLOG.jpgIainRowe_1988_BLOG.jpgJune 15
Michelle Blakeley

June 16
Iain Rowe

LindaWayman_2010_BLOG.jpgAdamBarker_90_BLOG.jpgJune 17
Linda Wayman

June 18
Adam Barker
JMA O&M/303/

Ken James_McCann_BLOG.jpgRicCairns_1991_BLOG.jpgJune 19
Ken James
The Brand Agency

June 20
Ric Cairns
AdLink/FCB Shorter/Marketforce

DenisThompson_1985_BLOG.jpgBruceShorter_1989_BLOG.jpgJune 21
Denis Thompson
Sunday Times/
The West Australian

June 22
Bruce Shorter
FCB Shorter

GordonDawson_1988_BLOG.jpgPaulYole_1986_BLOG.jpgJune 23
Gordon Dawson
McCann/Ad Link/Marketforce

June 24
Paul Yole
Gatecrasher/The Brand Agency

JohnDriscoll_early_BLOG.jpgRichardClarke_1984_BLOG.jpgJune 25
John Driscoll

June 26
Richard Clarke

AlanMatthews_a_1988_BLOG.jpgJohn Davis_BLOG.jpgJune 27
Alan Matthews
Weston/Merchants/Brand Agency/
AIS Elliott Matthews/Mitchells/Carat

June 28
John Davis
John Davis Advertising (JDA)

MattEastwood_1988_BLOG.jpgJune 29
Matt Eastwood
FCB Shorter/JMA


Old enough to remember said:

Steve Browning & Wayne Vinten get my vote. Really kicked ass with some great work when they formed their agency; won agency of the year & won all the awards an top of some great work at their previous agencies.

Paul Yole said:

Congratulations on a great idea CB. For some of us it's been a trip down memory lane but hopefully for others it has given some insight into the heritage of our industry.

As your long list shows, it is almost impossible to narrow it down to only 30. There are many people you could have mentioned who have had a profound impact.

With the risk of offending others, three game changers come to mind. Mark Braddock in brand communications and design, Marc Loveridge in digital and Ronnie Duncan in Planning. And when it comes to art direction, Lori Canalini, Ray Van Kempen and Andrew Lindsay really raised the bar.

There are many others, but you've missed the most obvious one: Kim Shaw.

The legend said:

Vaughan Sutherland

Andrew Tinning said:

Kim gets my vote.

CB Fan said:

Kim and the entire team at CB WA it is for me. This would be a far, far poorer industry (and a lot less fun to be in) if it weren't for CB WA and it's constant support of the local lads and industry. How about you guys pull back the curtain and give us a glimpse at the minions working away to keep this blog and industry alive and active?

Two Words said:

Dave Upson

So many choices said:

There are so many deserving people to choose from for those who have helped shape our industry (including Kim Shaw).
I would suggest put the names in a hat and draw one out - they all noteworthy

Stirlo said:

I have absolutely loved this series guys! I feel so lucky to have worked in an industry full of not only talented individuals but just some plain awesome people! Here's to another 30 years CB - congratulations!

Stirlo x

Me said:

Alan Taylor has done more for the industry over the past 5 years than anyone. And he's a veteran.

Wellsie is the pick of the 30. A great guy who had more balls, passion and belief in our industry than anyone.

Here's a couple of more names said:

Roger McMillan
Jim Davies
Ken Walther
Terry Stone
Ross Tinney
Peter Davis (Bunnings client)
Ray Ryan

Adam Marshall said:

Thanks for making me even more home sick CB! I've loved reading these bios and being reminded that in any context Perth has been and remains home to amazing talent - person for person as good as any market in APAC. Thank you again for my generous inclusion. I would have to nominate the following Paul Nelson, Kiaran & Olivia Geen, Martin Trevaskis, Kim Shaw and definitely Mark Pinney!
Best regards, Adam (currently clearing immigration in Shanghai).

Warren said:

Loved this series and love Matt Eastwood's simple advice for success - "Work hard and be nice."

Terry Stone said:

How can Noel Holly not be included??

Remiss of us not to have acknowledged Braincells' Jeff Champataloup.

As well as being a very fine art director at McCann Erickson and Creative Director at Intoto in the 90s, as PADC President he was instrumental in bringing the Club back from the brink of financial disaster in 2008, aided and abetted by Liz Bindon-Bonney and a hard working Committee.

Another vote for Al said:

Alan Taylor - great contribution to the industry over many years.

more said:

Alan Myles
Maggie Speak

Weight of Numbers said:

That's one hell of a list to choose from guys.

I'd like to throw my weight behind Marty Braine - great as many of those names are, I'm struggling to think of anyone locally who has their name directly credited to such a large body of world-class work like Marty does.

CB has recognised many worthy figures from both agencies and the media... but there's not one single production identity on that list yet and to me that's a massive oversight.

Shelley Guy said:

From the minute I read the request for #30 suggestions, I immediately thought of Kim (and as an extension of that thought, Mike Lynch … is it embarrassing for me to admit I started my days in the industry working in an agency with Mike?). Both guys have been a constant connection for us all. A rare commodity indeed.

Two Cents said:

I agree with Weight of Numbers.

Marty is a no-Brainer. The awards that line the Brainestorm studios are a credit to his work

Grant Sputore said:

Nice work CB! I've loved reading this series. Sign me up for a copy of the hard-cover edition once all the articles are collected.

Just make sure you put that dapper shot of Yoley on the cover!

Don Mc said:

From personal experience, Jim Davies. My first ever Account Director and taught me (as a client - Bankwest) and many others so much. Before guys like Ronnie Duncan came along, he took the role of client service to a new level in WA through a passion for brands and strategic planning. Lots of others mentioned here are also very worthy including Marty, Kim, Ray VK, Alan T etc.

Ask the Clients said:

This list is a great read…if you're an industry insider. It means nothing to me as a client as it has clearly had bugger-all input from clients. What measures have you used? Certainly not client-outcomes.

I'm one of the few 'client side' people I know who reads CB. It is a great tool for learning about innovative marketing ideas and implementation, but a list like this could benefit a lot from being more client-focused.

Matt Eastwood I've worked with and is a legend. Ditto Gary Roberts and Linda Wayman, who have managed to re-invent themselves several times over and are as relevant now as they were 20 years ago. My suggestion to CB and to the 'old school' industry back-slappers in general is: ask the clients. I think you'd get a very different, younger and more relevant Top 30! This is same old...

@Ask the Clients said:

I doubt you are a client. You've worked with Matt Eastwood!!?? When I started in the industry 15 years ago Matt was long gone.

I've loved this series and I think CB has been quite open about explaining that these 30 people have helped shape the industry AND Campaign Brief.

It's Campaign Brief's list. They are the ones who turned 30 (which is an amazing achievement guys!) and they are recognising people who helped get them there. Fair enough.

CB also has recognised at least 30 others that could easily have made their list. @Ask the Clients is obviously not mentioned.

Happy birthday CB x


Ken Painter

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