30 from 30. The people who have helped shape the industry and Campaign Brief: Carlo Bertozzi

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CarloBertozzi_07_BLOG.jpgFor Campaign Brief WA's 30th anniversary, over the thirty days of June we're looking back on 30 people who helped shape the industry and us.

Let's jump back up the chronological scale.

UK expat Carlo Bertozzi came to Perth in 2001 and started talking about online advertising. "What?" we all said.

Through his online media representation company, Clickstream, Bertozzi patiently and diligently set about educating the market. He quickly became the 'go to' guy for agencies and clients struggling to come to grips with this new field that had systems and a language all its own.

In August 2007 he launched his own agency Longtail, initially in partnership with The Brand Agency and then as sole owner from March 2010.
From the outset, Longtail has been a pacesetter in the digital space in Perth and with around 30 staff is one of the more successful start-ups over the last decade - impressive given its digital focus. Its success is testament to Bertozzi's drive, energy and smarts.

As well as writing many excellent and informative articles for us over the years, Bertozzi also created CB's very first website back in his Clickstream days. It was a fairly rudimentary set-up but it functioned well and gave us invaluable experience in the new world (for us) of online publishing. He helped us to see it was far less intimidating than we'd feared. Whew!

All in all, the indefatigable Bertozzi has been and continues to be a central figure in the rise of online advertising in WA.


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