Helen King, Marketforce and Perth Zoo top 2014 Campaign Brief Creative Rankings

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HelenKing_BLOG.jpgCampaign Brief's Creative Rankings have often demonstrated how one good ad or campaign can make a huge difference to a person's ranking and never more so than this year.

303Lowe art director Helen King (pictured) has rocketed up the Rankings thanks largely - though not solely - to the IKEA 'Valentine's Day' press ad she and writer Alex Bolderoff created. The performance of that ad nationally and internationally made all the difference: a finalist at Cannes, Silver at AWARD and Silver Nomination at D&AD. In fact, it got all its points outside of WA. It was only a finalist at the PADC Awards and wasn't even entered in the Campaign Brief Awards.

While it was 'Valentine's Day' that catapulted King to the top spot, she also scored some solid points for her involvement in the Harley Davidson 'Wake Up With A Harley' campaign, which picked up three Silvers at the PADC Awards.
2014_AgencyRankings_BLOG.jpgMarketforce is Perth's top-ranked agency again. The agency has three clients ranked in the top ten - City of Perth, Internode and HBF - and seven creatives ranked in the top 15. It indicates an even performance across their client base and with contributions from most in their creative team, including Joint CDs Pat Lennox (#12) and Ben Green (#14).

Individually, The Brand Agency's quiet achiever, James Wills, is ranked #2. One of the industry's nice guys, Wills generated most of his points with his Perth Zoo 'Who Am I?' radio 2014_ClientRankings_BLOG.jpgcampaign, which received nods at Cannes (3 Finalists), London Internationals (Finalist and Bronze) and One Show (Finalist).

It was that international performance that also made the Zoo Perth's most awarded client of the past year.

Wills' co-creator on the Zoo campaign, former Brand Agency Creative Director Garry Horner, is #3.  Horner left the agency in October last year to return to Sydney having done a fine job in improving the Brand Agency's creative output during his tenure.

The perennial Guy Howlett is equal #3 with Horner. One of Perth's most talented and consistent creatives over the last five years, Howlett enjoyed success at the PADCs and Campaign Brief Awards locally, AWARD nationally and One Show internationally.  Howlett scored most of his points with work for Internode and the City of Perth, the latter being Perth's second most awarded client in the past 12 months.

Alex Bolderoff, co-creator of IKEA 'Valentines' Day', makes his first appearance in the Top Ten at #5. 2014_IndividualRankings_BLOG.jpgBolderoff is another of Perth's rising stars and won a Silver Medal in the Cannes Young Lions Cyber competition in 2013.

Marketforce's Neil Martin is #6. Martin worked closely with Howlett on campaigns for Internode and City of Perth.

Positions 7/8 are filled by SHED's Drew Ridley, Andrew Tinning and Matt Ridley. The trio work together on most of the agency's projects and hence share the credits. The agency's star piece was the Attix 'Roof Storage' press ad, which picked up Gold at the PADCs and a nomination at D&AD. They also garnered points at the PADCs for HeartKids, and with a Best of Year in Online at the Campaign Brief Awards for Adventure World 'Abyss - The Chosen One'.

Rounding out the top ten is Marketforce's Megan Riley. Another relative newcomer, Riley is one of the new generation of smart young women starting to make an impact in creative departments as they have in every other aspect of advertising. Co-winner of the Southern Cross Austereo Radio Writers Award (with Alida Henson) in 2013, Riley scored heavily at the PADC Awards, with a Bronze, three Silver and three Gold skulls.

Falling out of the Top Ten are Meerkats' duo Kurt Beaudoin and Dan Bradley who have been lock-step for the past three years - equal #3, equal #4 and now equal #15. The Brand Agency's Craig Buchanan and David Donald have also slipped from #9 and #10 respectively last year to the twenties. However, Buchanan and Donald collaborated on the recently released 'Break the Barrier' campaign for St John Ambulance. Although yet to be tested in award shows, the campaign has had plenty of admirers and could well lead their charge back into the top ten next year.

Agency-wise, Marketforce dominated local awards with 4 Bronze, three Silver and three Gold skulls at the PADCs, and 3 Best of Year and a Finalist at the Campaign Brief Awards, along with Riley & Henson's Radio Writers Award win. Bronze at AWARD and two Finalists at One Show were icing on the cake.

The Brand Agency repeats its 2013 success holding the #2 spot. Brand continues to make the most of its creative opportunities and produce some excellent work for some key clients. Significantly, 71% of The Brand Agency's points came from national and international award shows - the highest percentage of any ranked agency. That's quite a turnaround from last year, when just over 20% of the agency's points were won outside of WA.

The next highest was Gatecrasher, which collected 61% of its 165 points internationally - a finalist at LIA and an In Book nomination at D&AD for the Cancer Council 'Breathtaking' radio spot by Adam Barker.

As the actual points tally shows, Marketforce and The Brand Agency dominated the agency rankings. The Brand is 135 points ahead of third ranked 303Lowe. IKEA 'Valentine's Day' was obviously their star performer. Beyond that, the agency struggled to make much of an impression with any other work for local clients.

SHEDcsc continues to punch above its weight at #4, a position it shares with the notable new kid on the Rankings block, JWT. Its performance was led by its 'Attention Powered Car' campaign for RAC. While the creative work for that was generated from JWT's Sydney agency, the campaign was managed from WA for a WA-based client, hence the local agency gets the points.

Overall, the Rankings indicate a slightly more even spread throughout the industry compared to last year: 56 creatives scored points compared to 51 in 2013; 33 clients scored points compared to 28; and 13 agencies received points - one more than last year.


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