The 30 best ads from Campaign Brief's 30 years. 1987: Ménage Artois outdoor

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Menage Artois_1987_BLOG.jpgCampaign Brief WA turns 30 this month, so over the thirty days of June we're looking back and choosing the best ad done in each of our 30 years.

Like we said yesterday, the early years for Campaign Brief were also halcyon days for outdoor in WA and this poster by Clemenger Perth is another fine example.
Not sure why Clems Perth had a brief to launch Stella in Perth but we're glad they did.

Written by Jan Walker, art directed by Tan Gout Nee and shot by the legendary Noel Holly, who died earlier this year, it was a sophisticated execution aimed a target audience that would get the joke.

It was included in a book of the world's best outdoor, One Hundred Great Posters You Wish You'd Created - By The People Who Created Them, published by Australian Posters in 1989 (as was the Piper West poster). In it, Walker said: "Initially there was a lot of spirited discussion within the agency abut the line. Was it too clever? Too risque? Did you have to speak French? Eventually everyone agreed that if you had to think twice it enhanced the exclusivity of the product."

The poster was favourite in the industry at the time, and was described as being the equal of any of the [much-admired] work being done in the UK for the brand. In 1987, there was no higher praise.

And like Piper West and Murphy's Mufflers, it still looks good today. OK - maybe the typography is a little dated but it still leaves 99% of current outdoor posters for dead.


Old school said:

Yes, the typography is dated. It reflects a time when art directors cared about things like kerning (look it up kids).

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