The 30 best ads from Campaign Brief's 30 years. 1989: HBF 'Ladder'

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HBF_Ladder_1989_BLOG.jpgCampaign Brief WA turns 30 this month, so over the thirty days of June we're looking back and choosing the best ad done in each of our 30 years.

Ooh this is a tough one, with a number of cracking ads to choose from: FCB Shorter's 'What Happens When You Die?' press ad for Chippers (John Ilian & Jeremy Matthews); Baynham's 'New Years Day Disaster' press ad for Quit (Dick Baynham & Peter McArthur) and 'Ladder' outdoor poster for HBF (Ron Samuel & Peter McArthur); a very clever radio campaign from JMAO&M for Home Building Society 'One Account' (Adam Barker), and a TVC for CSBP Superphosphate from McCann Erickson (Peter Nelson & Jeff Champtaloup).

Let's see. We'll choose...HBF. No, Quit. No, HBF.
Ladder didn't win big award-wise. 'New Year's Day Disaster' won the inaugural The West Australian Fellowship at the 1989 PADC Awards. 'Superphosphate' won Gold at the same and the 'One Account' campaign a Silver. Chippers was a Caxton finalist nationally and won The West Fellowship at the 1990 PADCs. Ladder only got a Merit, and yet it's one of the most memorable executions from that era.

Baynhams had done a fantastic job over a number of years developing the 'Are You with HBF?' campaign, and the line had become part of the vernacular. 'Ladder' was the ultimate expression of that. No logo, not even the full brand name, and yet everyone knew who it was for and what it meant.

So we'll pick HBF, with the Quit press ad runner-up. Then again, the Chippers ad was very good too and that CSBP ad was brilliantly executed. And good radio is...




Maxwell said:

Love seeing all the impressive print stuff by Perth agencies/creatives from yesteryear. Great work!

Old suit said:

I hope all today's creatives are looking at all these great ads from our past. These kill any press ad created out of Perth over the past 5 years. As for outdoor, well that's an area that our CDs and writers have no clue.

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