Get your hands on an original: PADC 'The Skulls' 2014 Call for Entries opens Monday

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Skulls2014_Original_BLOG.jpgFor more than 20 years, the PADC Awards has recognised the exceptional work of its members. Now, for the first time, The Skulls 2014 will be open to all who strive for creative excellence.

To this end, the award categories have been overhauled. Sure, you'll still find the traditional disciplines, but you'll also discover plenty that's new.

So, find your category. Enter your best work. The Skulls are the highest accolade, the most valuable honour, for creative communications in Western Australia.

Accept no imitations.

Entries open online this Monday, August 18.
Download the Entry Kit here: THE SKULLS 2014 CfE.pdf


Good Job said:

Nice to see a host of new categories in there. Hopefully they will attract a wider range of entrants outside of the usual suspects and bolster entry fees which can only be good for the financial health of the club. The rules are good for the local industry too. They state that all work needs to have originated in Western Australia which I assume means created by local creatives (not teams from agency offices over east or elsewhere even if it is for local clients) and that all work needs to have been finished here as well. Am I correct in saying that means that any work where the post production including editing, grading, special effects, animation, sound design/production, photo retouching and web/digital design and build etc has been done outside of WA is not eligible to enter?

@GoodJob. Thanks for the feedback. We are really hoping that the new categories open The Skulls to a whole new age of creative output and better represent the gamut of work we are all doing.

The answer is yes and no. Quite clearly if the has 'originated' in WA (ie WA-based creatives at a WA-based shop) and is entered in the non-craft categories by them, then that is a significant enough contribution to have the work considered, no matter where it is produced. However, non-WA-based companies or individuals can not enter work in the craft categories even if it was done for a local shop or client. If you are WA-based and produced work for a non-WA-based client, you are free to enter it under your name in the appropriate craft category.

We think the intent of the rule is quite clear, but if you have any queries please email Karen at

Our intent is to recognise local commercial creativity while being realistic that we work in a global economy - it is a tricky balancing act and, at the end of the day, there may be line-ball decisions that you agree with or not, but that is the nature of the beast and part of the fun of post-award-show debate.

confused said:

So in the non craft categories what does 'must have been completed in Western Australia' mean?

@confused - I can understand your confusion, it is poorly worded and we will update, but by 'completed' in that context we mean the agency completing it is WA-based, rather than it having to have been 'produced' here. So a WA-based agency must originate and be involved in the completion of the project. These are the same criteria that AWARD use to define their Australasian origin.

Again, if you feel anything you may be entering might be an issue, we're happy to review before you do.

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