That's not an ice bucket - this is an ice bucket!

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AdventureWorldIceBucket_BLOG.jpgSHEDcsc, Saranac PR and Adventure World have helped the Perth Wildcats stage an ice bucket challenge of epic proportions.

Creative Director Andrew Tinning said: "While busy working on a new brief for Adventure World, we couldn't help but twig that the 1000L tipping bucket at the park's Kahuna Falls would make an awesome MND (ALS) Challenge.  All it took was a quick email, and Clare, Mark and the team at Adventure World were in. Bonnie from Saranac put the feelers out and discovered the Wildcats had been challenged and were looking to do it in style. It was a great fun afternoon for a great cause.

"Special thanks to Jaemie Manners from Sandbox for shooting and editing the clip and finally, we challenge the Brand, Meerkats and 303Lowe to do the same with one of their clients." 

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