Top spot: Jockey 'Supporting Greatness'

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JOCKEY-D5.jpgJockey has supported great men like Babe Ruth, General Patton and Buzz Aldrin, who went to the moon. Droga5 New York asks us to imagine where Buzz would've gone in today's Jockey underwear.


This multi-channel TV, print and digital campaign plays on the triple entendre of "Supporting Greatness": literally, Jockey is greatness and has best-in-class products; emotionally, Jockey supports all great men in life; and functionally, Jockey's features and benefits support great quality.
The broadcast, print and digital elements ask audiences to imagine what further greatness these men could have achieved with modern-day Jockey underwear as the campaign depicts Babe Ruth hitting a home run, Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon and General Patton leading his men to victory, and marry the historical feats with a modern-day depiction of how underneath their respective pinstripes, spacesuit, and camouflage uniforms, Jockey underwear was supporting them along the way.

"Jockey has been supporting great men since 1876 and is known as one of America's premier heritage brands based on its rich history of quality-crafted and innovative products," said Dustin Cohn, CMO of Jockey International, Inc. "We are uniquely positioned like no other underwear brand to tap our history and celebrate our legacy by featuring some of the great men the brand has supported with innovative, quality-crafted products."

Jockey has been a pioneer in the underwear category from the very beginning: inventing the men's brief in 1934; pioneering the movement of stitching the brand on the waistband and putting well-known athletes in underwear for advertisements; and continuing to be dedicated to creating the highest quality, most durable product possible.

The campaign debuted this week across some of the USA's biggest media properties, including ESPN, "Monday Night Football," Esquire, GQ, Sports Illustrated, and more.

New York City-based Droga5 developed print, digital and TV creative; GRP Media of Chicago is the media partner; and Zeno Group of New York provides PR support for the campaign.


Ric Cairns said:

Can't help but feel the creatives let down the planner on this. Wonderful insight, awesome slogan, but a first-idea expression of the strategy on TV.

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