New CBH campaign urges grain growers to stay competitive by being part of a strong team

CBH_Cyclists.jpgCBH will be on rural TV, radio and press this summer with a campaign that uses a sporting analogy to explain to grain growers how important it is to be part of a strong team when you're up against global competition.

The TV commercial features a farmer in a surreal cycle race against an international peloton of riders. He struggles to keep up until a team of CBH riders helps him along in their slipstream.

Watch the spot.

Marketing agency, Rubis, enlisted the creative team of Malcolm MacLean and Dave Elliott to create the campaign. Ross Tinney, who is an avid cyclist himself, was an obvious choice to direct the shoot.
Agency: Rubis
Account Director: Annette Hasluck
Writer: Malcolm MacLean
Art Director: Dave Elliott
Director: Ross Tinney, RT Films
Editor: Tony Bannan, Sandbox
Sound Designer: Tim Count, MDS
Client: Jody McMiles, CBH Marketing Communications Advisor