Meerkats welcomes two new staff members from successful FuturKats internship program

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Maya Halilovic and Alice Cogin_BLOG.jpgThe Meerkats Internship Program, known as FuturKats, has concluded for 2015, with the agency taking on two full-time staff members following the eight-week experiment.

In its inaugural year, FuturKats received an overwhelmingly positive response from its four participants, with Maya Halilovic (L) and Alice Cogin (R) accepting full-time positions within Meerkats' creative team as a result.

Cogin says the program offered invaluable experience, particularly in teaching her how to curate her own work. "Before the program I would pitch every idea that I came up with, but the FuturKats experience has really strengthened my eye for good ideas and also my confidence."
During the program, the teams attended shoots, voice records and client presentations and have been concepting across all media, which has delivered on the program's promise of fast-tracking their experience as they enter the industry.

Meerkats' Creative Director Dan Bradley was equally pleased with the learnings from the FuturKats program, saying he looks forward to the chance to do it again next year.

"We saw some really smart and passionate talent come through and their thinking has been really energizing for all our creatives, so I hope this initiative is something Meerkats can continue for years to come."


Emil said:

Congrats goiizzz!

Dav said:

Congratulations Maya and Alice. And well done on a smart initiative, Meerkats.

Danielle Norrish said:

Well Done ALice and Maya. A great way to finish off AWARD School 2015.

Josh said:

Well done guys!

How is it said:

May-ah or Mie-ah?

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