Ross Dungey exits 303 MullenLowe to join Malcolm MacLean's Likeable Creative

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Dungey_MacLean_Likeable_BLOG.jpgHighly-awarded senior creative, Ross Dungey, has resigned from his position as Head Of Art at 303mullenlowe to take up a shareholding in Likeable Creative Pty Ltd with founder, Malcolm MacLean.

Dungey and MacLean have worked together as a creative team for more than 14 years at The Brand Agency and 303 on high profile brands such as WA Tourism, Red Rooster, Cash Converters, Office of Road Safety and TAB. As a team, they have won a swag of national and local creative awards including Golds and Best Of Show awards at the PADCs plus Effies, ADMA, and AWARD Awards.
Dungey said he was invigorated and excited to be running his own business. After a career gaining experience at Perth's largest agencies, he is looking forward to applying all the learnings to a new generation of clients.

Likeable Creative Pty Ltd is a creative projects company set up to work with start-up businesses and clients who don't feel they need a traditional full-service advertising agency. The company also provides virtual creative department resources to marketing companies, production companies and agencies. Recent projects have included campaigns for ATCO Gas, HIF Australia, Whytes Accountants and the launch of the Editeur store.

Alan Taylor, MD of 303mullenlowe, said he was very sorry to see Ross go, but wished him great success in the new venture.

"Ross is a very likeable bloke, so I can't think of a more aptly-named place for him to go."


Hannah said:

Yay! The Dream Team is back. Great work, Roscoe and Mal :)

Davey said:


I'm sitting at my desk this morning, dipping my toast in my tea, and wondering why I am:

a) not hearing you whinging about said toast dip;
b) not hearing about your weekend bike ride;
c) not hearing about which lycra you may be considering buying next;
d) not hearing about who you fancy winning the next Tour de France
e) not hearing about the plumber who promised to fix the banging in your laundry pipes but, to date, has failed miserably;
e) not hearing other staff complaining that you only ever save stuff to your desktop.

Missing you already, mate.

D x

Brett Wheeler said:

Congrats guys!

Kelly said:

Congrats Ross! Great seeing you two back working together.

Donna-Maree said:

Stoked for you both.
Mal - there's no one but you to hear those long tales of Ross' as he sips on a large glass of red. Good luck with that!
P.S. Ross only saves files on his desktop!!!

Donald Trump said:

You guys are going to win so big!

Perth is going to be sick of you winning!


Joe H said:

And I'm sitting at my desk, sitting next to Davey, watching him dip buttered toast into his tea, and wondering how you put up with it for so long.

All the best Ross. Really happy for you guys.

Bart said:

I like it 👍

Julio said:

Congratulations on becoming Perth's most Likeable Art Director!

Emdub said:

Very exciting for you both and for the Perth industry! Congratulations.

mark zagar said:

Massive congrats team Likeable!

Phoebs said:

I like it guys. That is a big thumbs up from me. Have fun. Lots of like p xx

a writer said:

Julio, shouldn't that read Perth's first likeable Art Director?

Boothy said:

What fabulous news! Congrats Ross and Mal. I'm so happy for you guys. Like like like from me! Xox

well done said:

Rosco has always been one of the LADs

GD said:

It's good to see you two teaming up again. Good luck.

Dave Pigott said:

Congratulations Roscoe I think it will be a good move for you mate, And congrats too Mal as well.👍

Deb said:

Fantastic news guys. Couldn't happen to a more likeable couple of blokes.

Jamie said said:

Loverly jubblies. Best of luck. You won't need it.

Des said:

Congrats guys - that's great news!

Emma Watton said:

I like this. And i like the idea of sending a brief your way. What's not to like?

Better late than never said:

Top top top news. (Why'd it take so long?) Best of luck in your first year.

Bethy said:

Awesome news Roscoe!

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