WA media show outstanding support with a huge range of media packages, a diamond ring and an Indonesian Indulgence holiday for SIX people on offer in the 2017 Oasis Ball Major Auction

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OasisBall_2017_BLOG.jpgThanks to the generous and ongoing support of Western Australia's major media, the Oasis Ball Major Auction again features a fantastic range of packages across out-of-home, television, press, radio, online, metro and regional media.

In addition to the magnificent range of media on offer, there's a spectacular 1.31 carat Platinum Diamond ring and an Indonesian Indulgence holiday package for six people.

They will all go on the block at the the Oasis Ball on Friday April 7, so download the list of packages here - 2017 Major Auction Items - 20.3.2017.pdf - and make sure you're ready to bid in what is always a spirited and lively auction.

This is the major fundraising activity for Oasis. The media donations are offered in good faith and the spirit of raising money to support the outstanding work done by The Salvation Army's Crossroads West unit. We need everyone's support to help this life-changing program continue.

And if you'd like to make a pre-bid (Yes please!), email Judi van Omme - judi.vanomme@initiative.com - or call her on 6282 4703 if you have any queries regarding the auction items.

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