Best Dressed at the Oasis Ball: Top Ten...sort of

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TopTen_BLOG.jpgWell that's a lie, actually. Our short-listers couldn't get it down to just ten so we've got a Top 15...and it could quite easily have been a lot more.

If you're not in this group you have every right to feel aggrieved, insulted, cheated and outraged because everyone looked fabulous. (Feel free to express your disgust to the Editor.)

Anyway, here in no particular order are our esteemed preliminary judges' contenders for this year.

Photography by Benjamin Riches.

They're in the running for a two-night stay at the Karma Resort Rottnest and $500 to spend at fashion HQ Claremont Quarter, with the winner to be announced next week.

And we must give very honourable mentions to a couple of the lads - one of whom had easily the best hair of the night. We haven't seen that look since about 1982. Fantastic!

And what about the pink satin suit with the hibiscus print. Not sure about the accessories (i.e the stubby!) but it's a very cool look. Nice one.


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