Jeroboam of Bollinger the perfect way for Campaign Brief Award winners to celebrate

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Chairmans_Bolly_BLOG.jpgIt was another brilliant night of fundraising at the Oasis Ball on Friday night. Amongst all the items, the three Wine Selections were sold very successfully but the magnificent Jeroboam (3 litres) of Bolly is still available.

There were lots of people with reasons to celebrate from the Campaign Brief Awards and this is just the thing to do it with.

The Brand Agency was very excited to take off Agency of the Year. Steve, wherever you are in the world just give Akash the OK to put it on your credit card. You wont even notice it.

Nine Entertainment Co made a barnstorming run up the Media Organisation of the Year table. C'mon Ray, who deserves it more than Kate and her team?

OMD had a great win in the Helen Filov Media Agency of the Year. We know you prefer a red Angela but surely your team would love some bubbles.

And what about our Advertiser of the Year, Vesco Foods? Diana, you could have a celebratory drink (and a last hurrah) with SHED. After all, they've won you some free airtime from sponsor hit92.9 so you'll still be well in front!

Even if you didn't win an award, it would be a great way to finish the week and start the Easter break, so email a bid to Chris Eyres and get ready to pop the cork.

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