Linda Wayman says farewell on SCA's rooftop

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Linda_Farewell_BLOG_5.jpgSurrounded by colleagues and some industry friends, Linda Wayman said farewell to the industry last Friday, appropriately on the rooftop of the building she was integral in building as the new home for mix94.5 and hit92.9 ten years ago.

Former mix94.5 Content Director of ten years, Steve Mummery gave an hilarious but heartfelt insider's perspective on Wayman's arrival at the station and the impact she made.

Wayman recalled some of the memorable moments over her journey from her initial appointment in 2002 by then Austereo chairman Peter Harvie, including being hynotised, dressing up as a gorilla, and being secretly filmed while a breakfast show host asked for a pay rise.

Typically though, Wayman mostly paid tribute to the people she had worked with and their part in the success they have enjoyed. She finished with some thoughts that encapsulated her own approach to the role and wish for the SCA team:
I have talked many times about how important to success it is to be creative and courageous.
They were my first words on my first day addressing that first Austereo team.

I have also often talked about fate and how I believe the important thing is to equip oneself for opportunities and then recognize the opportunity when you see it.
Fate might deliver it to you, but it is your responsibility to do something with it.

I have spent a lot of years equipping people and instilling confidence in people. In building teams and building individuals. And all of us together have built a culture. It is something very special. I know you won't squander it.

Jean Paul Sartre was a French philosopher. He said: "There is no reality except in action." He was the precursor to Nike's "Just Do It." Sartre went further...he said: "In life, a person commits himself and draws his own portrait."

Bob Dylan would tell you to make it a Masterpiece.

You can. Every single one of you. This culture at mix94.5 and hit92.9 with its values of integrity, collaboration and creativity is your opportunity. Fate has delivered you here. Know this... and go boldly, with joy in your heart and laughter on your lips.

Farewell my lovelies...It's been a privilege to work with all of you.  

As a parting gift the ten people who have been at SCA for all of Wayman's 15 years presented her with a painting by her favourite performer, Bob Dylan.



Tom Martin said:

Was and always will be the best of the best. Love you Linda. Tom Martin

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