APN Outdoor launches The Transit Factor in WA

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APNO_TransitFactor_BLOG_1.jpgIn an industry first, leading Outdoor media operator APN Outdoor has joined forces with research companies The Lab and Neuro-Insight to discover the formula behind the power of movement - to be known as the Transit Factor.

The study paired ethnography, observing real people in their real world, with neuroscience, studying the brain's reaction to stimulus, to compare and identify the key differences between static and moving advertising.

The study analysed over 4 billion data points, with subjects exposed to moving and static ads, and the only relative difference was movement. Findings include that movement increases memory encoding in the brain and memory encoding increases ad effectiveness. And that Transit advertising is 20% higher than all other outdoor formats when it comes to memory encoding.
"We are very excited to present such a unique type of research," said Chris Perera, WA Sales Director. "Transit advertising is one of the most hardest working advertising mediums with a continuously growing audience. It delivers incremental reach and our clients love it. The Transit Factor reinforces this and answers the all important WHY."

The Transit Factor was launched to Perth agencies last week at Northbridge Brewing Company.

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