Brand Agency helps launch R U House Ready

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RUHouseReady_BLOG_1.jpgThe Brand Agency's Head of Design, Dan Agostino and designer Gabi Fountain have been working with Naydeene Edwards, the winner of the inaugural Kulbardi Entrepreneurs Program (KEP) to help launch her business R U House Ready. The soon to be launched business offers workshops and a consultancy service to take people from being homeless or renters to home owners.

KEP is designed for Indigenous people who want to set-up their own business but don't know where to start. Over the 10-day course they create a business plan, pitch it to a group of executives, with the winner receiving start-up funding.
RUHouseReady_BLOG_2.jpg"It's been a really interesting process and great for us to collaborate with someone like Naydeene who is so passionate about what she's doing because she's working to make a real difference to people who need help," said The Brand Agency General Manager, Nick Bayes (pictured left with KEP founder Kim Collard).

As well as providing pro-bono work to Naydeene to help her design her brand logo, fonts and visual ID for R U House Ready, The Brand Agency also provided three presentations to the 10-people taking part in KEP.
"It was also a good opportunity for us to be able to share some of our experiences and expertise with the KEP participants," said Bayes. "I spoke to them about creating their personal brand. Our senior strategist, Hannah Muirhead, shared her thoughts about idea generation techniques and how to recognise opportunities, while our corporate communications manager offered them some advice on presenting to a judging panel. To be honest, it was a learning experience for all of us as well."

"I found the KEP program very empowering and inspiring and it's a great opportunity to help Indigenous Australians to follow their passion and their dream," said Edwards. "It's been a great opportunity to meet some inspiring entrepreneurs throughout the program and KEP is a great opportunity to put back into the community as well."

KEP founder Kim Collard said: "To all those out there wanting to travel down that same path, it does require a great deal of hard work and commitment and dedication. The greatest satisfaction for me is the freedom, the autonomy and independence to run your own businesses but also channel profits back into a community fund where you're doing good and giving back."


Steve said:

Good on U Brand

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Way to go Nayds!! So proud of you xx

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Well done uggin. Proud of you girl.

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