Synergy and Meerkats unveil the intelligent home of the future installation for homebuilders

Synergy_hotf_BLOG_1.jpgSynergy has partnered with Meerkats to launch a unique interactive installation, which brings to life the intelligent home of the future. Thanks to the first-ever interactive experience at Home Base in Subiaco, Perth homebuilders and renovators will get the opportunity to experience the future of intelligent energy.

Synergy energy solutions manager Allen Gerber said the interactive experience offers visitors an insight into intelligent homes of the future using touch, voice and animation.

"Tomorrow is going to bring a lot of changes in how we make and use our energy, and this installation seeks to bring that to life in a way we hope will stimulate people to think about home building in a completely different way. Imagine a future where glass windows, paint and even roads can generate energy. Or a future where you can generate your own energy, then gift it to your family, friends or a charity. These possibilities are just around the corner, so it's important Synergy educates the community about how the power grid is changing and how they can adapt their home to be smarter."

The interactive display includes everything homeowners need to know about the right solar panels, batteries and inverters if they are considering installing solar in their home.
In addition, the animated and interactive display demonstrates what a 'smart home' is, and how Wi-Fi enabled smart appliances such as lighting, blinds and air- conditioning allow us to connect, monitor and automate our homes like never before.

See the experience come to life HERE.

"This experience really brings to life Synergy's purpose of leading Western Australians to their Intelligent Energy Future," said Meerkats Chief Creative Officer, Martin Beecroft. "We wanted to create an exciting experience where our audience can learn and play with technologies that are disrupting the energy market - which will showcase the types of products, services and devices that will sit at the centre of a consumer's lives in the near future. It's been a lot of fun to work on and we've pushed many boundaries with the technology driving the experience. The whole process from planning the customer experience, modelling the space, designing, illustrating and animating and building the experience was a great collaboration effort from the Meerkats team, Synergy and Gemtek and we're really stoked with the end result."

The installation uses a combination of conductive ink, projectors and models to connect user interactions in the experience. Projection-mapped animations and custom iPad displays bring the future of energy and to life, and show consumers how energy is used, made, stored and traded. In an Australian-first, the Amazon Echo smart speaker uses voice control, via Alexa, to show how the home of the future will be controlled through AI and human interaction.

To experience the home, visit Subiaco Home Base at 55 Salvado Road, Subiaco.


Energy Solutions Manager: Alan Gerber
Senior Project Manager: Ryan Grunwaldt
Event & Sponsorship Manager: Katie Spalding

Senior Strategist: Tammy Cooksey
Strategist: Simon Thujis
Account Director: Kelly-Anne Davis
Account Co-ordinator: Dre Liang
Chief Creative Officer: Martin Beecroft
Creative Director: Josh Edge
Art Direction & Writing: Rikki Burns
Design Director: Melissa Radman
Technical Director: Marcus Collier
Developer: John Lombardo
Finished Art: Ben Mills
Producer: Sophie Middleton
Illustration - I am the Wong: Matt Wong
Animation & Sound - The Penguin Empire: Sam Price, Natalie Lewis
Construction - Andrew Watson