Dana Skully calls for Skulls extension!

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I have spoken, says Dana... 

As you have all spent your time prejudging your work with me, Dana Skully, esteemed judgementor and inaminate object, I would like to announce the 2017 PADC Skulls will extend its call for entry to Wednesday August 23. 

The Skulls 2017 delivers new opportunities for creative entries this year including: 
•  Four new categories in Creative for Good 
•  Five new categories in Digital Design 
•  Nine revised categories in Digital Marketing. 

To enter the Skulls 2017 visit the Skulls Award Platform

Simply register your details at the home page, and start entering. Standard call for entry will close Wednesday August 23 2017 at 5pm WSTD after this date late fees will apply. 

Download a copy of the call for entry in PDF format HERE

Become a PADC member to receive member discounts on your award entries. Visit the PADC website to signup. 

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