ZAC Creative, RT Films and Brainestorm produce confronting video showing 'war zone' conditions in regional WA for Minderoo Foundation

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TimeToAct_TheWest_BLOG.jpgA shocking video showing the 'war zone' conditions in regional WA towns ravaged by alcohol and drug abuse aired online today and was shown to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, as a delegation from the State called for the expansion of the cashless debit card.

The video, for Andrew Forrest's Minderoo Foundation, was produced by Troy Zafer and the team at ZAC Creative, along with production from Ross Tinney at RT Films and Justin Braine at Brainestorm.

The initiative - #timetoact - was featured on the front page of today's The West Australian.



#timeforfacts said:

Excellent that you’re raising awareness of such an important issue, but saying drugs and alcohol is “…turning adults into child rapists” is irresponsible. They might exacerbate a pre-existing inclination, but drugs and alcohol are not known to cause pedophilia. Overstating like this, is fodder for the rightwing haters. The facts are awful enough; you don’t need dubious exaggeration.

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