Penguin Empire's Stephen McCallum's feature directing debut '1%' secures US distribution after Toronto International Film Festival premiere

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Recently, the Toronto International Film Festival premiered 1%, the feature directing debut for The Penguin Empire's Stephen McCallum.

Produced by Jamie Hilton and Michael Pontin of See Pictures and Ticket To Ride, the film tells the story of Paddo, the heir to the throne of an outlaw bikie gang who must betray his president to save his brother's life.

See the teaser trailer for 1% on The Penguin Empire's website

Following the film's premiere, 1% was acquired by prestigious US distributors A24 and DirecTV to release the film in North America.
On average, A24 distributes and produces only 12 films a year with an incredible roster of current and past projects  including: Ex MachinaThe WitchSpring BreakersThe Disaster ArtistRoom and this year's best picture winner, Moonlight.

The script was written by Matt Nable, who stars in the film alongside Ryan Corr, Abbey Lee and a large ensemble of Australian talent. The feature was filmed entirely in Western Australia.

Toronto marked the beginning of the film's international festival tour. Next up, 1% will screen at the BFI London Film Festival before having its Australian premiere at the Adelaide Film Festival on October 11.

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