The Brand Agency and WA Police create a digital solution to talk to high school students

The WA Police recognised that they needed to refresh the way they were educating high school students on the benefits of Policing as a career. 

Its digital communications were, on the whole, targeted towards adults and there was an opportunity to create a digital environment designed specifically for high school students who are contemplating their future career path. These people have an idea of some of the options available to them, but they lack tailored information about professions with different pathways, such as Policing.

The Brand Agency created the WA Police Next Step website, with content tailored towards high school students, it broadens their understanding of how a career in Policing can be exciting, challenging and physical. This mobile-first solution utilises a mixture of gamification, first-hand stories and resources to bring this career opportunity to life, providing a tool for both high school students and career counsellors.
Assistant Director, Police Promotions, Recruiting and Deployment Division Fran Jolliffe said "This is a timely and very exciting initiative to help build our pipeline of future police recruits, particularly in regional areas, utilising the technology most appealing to this age group. Our emphasis has been on putting the possibility of a career in policing in the minds of all teenagers, and increasing their understanding of the various skills, values and abilities they will need to develop to be successful if they do choose this career path".

Head of Digital Projects and Strategy, Paul Hamilton added "The Next Step website delivers a really effective communications platform for its target audience. Our website delivery team worked extensively with WA Police, and its target audience, to better understand their needs and to validate the product during the development process. This resulted in a solution that provides more relevant information and targeting for potential candidates, and looks set to drive recruitment in this sector."


The Brand Agency
Senior Account Manager: Sandra De Witt
Lead Designer: Clayton West
Illustrator: Janice Law
Digital Project Manager: Pete Boston
Strategist: Jacqueline Taylor
Lead Developer: Carmelo Rigoli
Systems Administrator: Chris Leathley
Video Editor: Brayton Gillette

WA Police
Project Manager, WA Police Recruiting Branch, Marina Norris
Assistant Director, Police Promotions, Recruitment and Deployment Division, Fran Jolliffe
Executive Manager, WA Police Recruiting Branch, Nicole Ades
Senior Public Affairs Officer, Corporate Communications, Beth Naylor