Willoughby and Clark-Crumpton appointed as new Executive Directors at Painted Dog Research

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Research company Painted Dog has appointed Kristy Willoughby (far left) and Michelle Clark-Crumpton (near left) as Executive Directors to help lead the company into the future.

Founding Principal Claudia Amonini said Painted Dog will continue to set itself big challenges and the duo would play an important role in meeting them.

"We're super proud of what we've achieved over the last ten years, but we're always looking at how we can stay ahead of our game," said Amonini. "We have some pretty bold strategies to put in place and appointing Michelle and Kristy as Executive Directors will help get the job done."
Amonini said Willoughby and Clark-Crumpton were appointed to the roles after a competitive executive recruitment process that spanned the country and across borders. The positions will see them working alongside the Painted Dog's Principals in driving strategic and special projects.

"Kristy and Michelle stood out above the rest. They get our brand and share our vision. This, combined with their smarts and business prowess, makes them a great addition to the leadership team. Both have been behind some clever thinking at Painted Dog, and we are excited that they want to take on the challenge and opportunity."

Clark-Crumpton said she would bring her experience and knowledge from years of working in both multinational and boutique agencies in North America and Australia to help grow Painted Dog's offerings.

"I remember when Painted Dog entered this market, they injected passion and stimulated healthy competition that this market had not seen before. I was really drawn to the company back then, and now I have a chance to be a driving force in taking this business to the next level

Having worked on both the client side and supplier side, Willoughby provides a combination of strong research skills with marketing and business strategy.

"It is an exciting time for Painted Dog. We have a fantastic team and I'm excited to lead them in achieving the goals we have set for the next few years and beyond."

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