Anonymous spoiler threatens to release list of Skulls winners ahead of Friday night presentation

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Skulls2017_BLOG.jpgThree days out from its biggest night of the year, the PADC has been rocked by an anonymous source calling themselves 'The Skulls Spoiler', who claims to have gotten hold of this year's results and is asking for a ransom payment not to release them.

Claiming it to be a protest against what they call "the futility and unfairness of advertising award shows", they have threatened to release the winners to members of the Perth creative community ahead of Friday night's presentation.

PADC President Mark Braddock said the Club was in no position to pay, and hoped people would respect the integrity of The Skulls.
"The club works tirelessly to ensure complete confidentiality leading up to the event with strict procedures in place surrounding the results. The anticipation on the night is all part of the fun, and to have someone bearing a petty grudge threatening its success is extremely disappointing.

"While we are hoping it's a hoax, if anyone does receive any communication regarding this, we implore you to resist opening any attachments that may spoil this Friday's show."


Josh said:

My money's on Skully, that dirty sonuvabitch. I never did trust that disembodied head.

Finger pointing said:

Over the years I've tried to get the names out of whoever's doing the sound mix for the night. Never got a crumb of a clue.

Then I found out a friend of a friend was doing the framing of certificates. Bingo. That's where to get the inside running.

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