Lateral Aspect loves 'the Bowlo'

LateralAspect_Bowlo_1_BLOG.jpgLateral Aspect has launched a new campaign for Bowls Western Australia, led by a 30-second animated TVC.


Lateral's GM, Lily Butler, said the campaign has been strongly supported by more than 200 bowling clubs throughout the state.

"The clubs have really embraced the concept and part of the roll-out has been providing each of them with remarketing kits, so there is a secondary reach outside of the main media plan." she said.

The TVC is part of an integrated campaign which includes a website with geo-location features, social media, digital, mobile and radio.
"The aim is to raise the profile of clubs in the state and what they have to offer, which is a lot more than just lawn bowls. A much younger demographic are utilizing 'bowlo's' as a place to socialize and make the most of really affordable and safe social experiences."

Creative Director: Mark Lucas
Art Director: Jasmin Bernhagen
Writer: Mark Lucas
Animator: Cordelia Brown
Composer: Upward Music
Audio:Sonic Playground
Strategist: Lily Butler