The Skulls 2017 is a sell out! Youngbloods joins forces with Beautiful Pictures and Brainestorm for this year's After Party at Prince Lane Bar

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The Skulls 2017 is officially SOLD OUT.  South African born, New Zealand based multi-award winning comic Urzila Carlson will host Friday night's show which is returning to the State Reception Centre at Frasers. 

Once again, Youngbloods has joined forces with Beautiful Pictures and Brainestorm this year for the PADC After Party.

Here's what you need to know:  
  • The After Party will be hosted at a club that has changed its name more times than your 1am McDonalds order: Prince Lane Bar (previously known as The Emerson Bar and Carnegies).
  • Free buses from PADC Awards Night to the After Party - big thanks to Kate at Beautiful Pictures. 
  • Bar tab at Prince Lane Bar - made possible by Beautiful Pictures and Brainestorm. 
  • Free VIP entry to the exclusive 2nd floor area. Just show your PADC wrist band. 
  • Skull pounding closes at 3am. 
The Skulls 2017
Friday November 10, 2017 from 6:30pm
State Reception Centre 
Frasers, Kings Park 

For further information contact Perth Advertising and Design Club at


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That sounds expensive!

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