Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone for another great year from Campaign Brief WA

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Campaign Brief's Wembley office is closed until Monday, January 8, but we'll still be online over the Festive Season for any news or enquiries. Just email
2017 was our thirty-third year of publication and, as in the previous thirty-two, we received great support and many contributions from the industry. 
Our thanks to Adam Barker, Adam Marshall, Adam Rule, Aimee Smyth, Andrew Tinning, Angela Naaykens, Anthony Xydis, Barbara Messer, Barrie Quick, Barry Walker, BĂ©atrice Masia, Benjamin Riches, Bianca Galan-Dwyer, Brad Habib, Brendan Hibbert, Brendon Cook, Brett Wheeler, Bronagh Spence, Bruce Flint, Bryan Dennis, Callum Mackenzie, Carl Mendelle, Carly Wharton, Carole McKeig, Chloe Forrest, Chris Andrawes, Chris Coufos, Chris Eyres, Chris Nelson, Cindy Henderson, Clay Cook, Clive Bingwa, Colin Paterson, Courtney Larson, Craig Buchanan, Dan Hatch, Danielle Norrish, Dav Tabeshfar, David Donald, David Gardiner, David O'Donnell, Dean Hunt, Debra Neve, Dennis Hague, Derry Simpson, Des Hameister, Duncan Campbell, Elaine Barry, Emma Potter, Emma Watton, Evan Broadway, Frank Filosi, Gabriella Fountain, Gabrielle Cook, Gary Roberts, Gemma Rule, George Vasiliou, Gina Hogan, Gordon Haynes, Grady Habib, Graeme Hill, Grant Sputore, Guy Rees, Guy Turner, Hannah Muirhead, Hannah Wilson, Hayley Kaptein, Henry Billington, James Hawkes, James Lush, Jay Hollywood, Joe Hawkins, John Driscoll, John Hanrahan, John Ilian, Jon Ogden, Josh Edge, Kate Downie, Kate McMahon, Kathy Ociepa, Kayla Paul, Kelvin Munro, Kim Loasby, Lee Guy-Wallis, Linda Wayman, Luke D'Ambrogio, Madeleine Hubbard, Malcolm MacLean, Marie Norman, Marissa McNish, Mark Braddock, Mark Treasure, Marnie McKeown, Matt Dickson, Matt Ridley, Meg Lawrie, Melissa Barbaro, Melissa Hawkett, Melita Masters, Michelle Magdy, Michelle Pelham, Mike Connaghan, Mike Fragomeni, Mitch Mitchell, Murray Scott, Natalie Lewis, Nathan Schipper, Nathan Teoh, Neal Hardcastle, Neil Martin, Nick Bayes, Nick Gallagher, Nicola Bedwood, Noel Quick, Paul Coghlan, Paul Eteen-Bliss, Paul Hamilton, Paul Siciliano, Paul Townsend, Paul Yole, Peter Benjamin, Peter Laidlaw, Phil Dada, Ray Wardrop, Rene LeMerle, Ric Cairns, Richard Beards, Richard Berney, Ricki Green, Rikki Burns, Robert Garvey, Rochelle Burbury, Ross Dungey, Ross Tinney, Sarah Kappeler, Sasha Spiers, Stephen Dodge, Steve Betts, Steve Brown, Steve Harris, Steve Rowe, Tim Count, Tim Newton, Tom Smolarek, Tommy Medalia, Trent McKeown, Victoria Khoury, Warren Gibbs, Wilora Keeley, Yakub Erogul, Yuki Ito, Yvonne Hunt, Zane Barry and Zoe Kitson. Apologies and thanks too to anyone we've forgotten to mention.

To all our readers and supporters, best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thankyou for your support - we couldn't do it without you. See you in 2018!

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