Who did the best work in 2017? Diamond Skulls nominations now open across 9 categories including new Emerging Craftsperson of the Year

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The Diamond Skulls aim to honour the individuals who create the most inspiring creative communications in Western Australia in a given year.

The Diamond Skulls are PADC Members' opportunity to be directly involved in deciding who they feel should be recognised for outstanding work over the past year.

PADC Members can nominate as many individuals as they like across all categories by filling out the form HERE and then Members' votes will decide the list of Finalists.

Unlike traditional craft categories in award shows, The Diamond Skulls will be judged on a portfolio of work created in 2017, rather than a one-off piece.

Nominations close this Sunday, February 4.
This year, the process for the Diamond Skulls has been changed to give more creative craftspeople the opportunity to have their work considered by the judges. The short-listing process has been eliminated, so all the nominees who submit work will have that work judged by the international juries.

Furthermore, a new category has been added - Emerging Craftsperson of the Year - that seeks to honour the best early-career creative talent.
There are nine categories for the Awards :
  1. Photographer (Noel Holly Award)
  2. Director
  3. Editor
  4. Designer
  5. Art Director
  6. Copywriter
  7. Composer
  8. Sound Designer (Dave Upson Award)
  9. Emerging Craftsperson of the Year.
One Diamond Skull will be awarded in each category to a PADC Member with the Ultimate Diamond Skull being awarded by the Diamond Skulls Patron to the portfolio of work they consider to be the strongest amongst all the winners. 

Introducing the Diamond Skull for Emerging Craftsperson of the Year
It's important to both celebrate established talent, and to identify, nurture and promote those who are in the early stages of their careers. With this in mind, the PADC has created a Diamond Skulls category specifically for those who started in the business in 2015 or after.

Those who qualify have the choice to enter our new Emerging Craftsperson category rather than being judged against more experienced practitioners in the 'open' categories.

So be sure to nominate the young guns whose talent excites you.

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