The AANA announces next instalment to help advertisers improve return on media investments

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AANA-logo.jpgThe AANA has today announced a major event "The Media Challenge - A Year On", which will help deliver on the AANA's commitment to help advertisers build the capability that is necessary to pursue greater return and effectiveness from their media investments.

The Media Challenge - A Year On will build on the media forum convened by the AANA in March last year, which was recognized by the World Federation of Advertisers as a significant global leadership initiative to address media challenges, particularly in the digital space. The event will be presented in partnership with the CMO Advisory, PwC Australia, on March 21 in Sydney and March 26 in Melbourne.
This year's event will focus on bringing the key themes tabled at the U.S. Association of National Advertisers (ANA) agenda-setting Media Conference, back to Australia's advertisers. The ANA conference takes place on 28 February in Florida.

John Broome, CEO, AANA said: "Leading marketers from P&G, Ford, McDonalds, Target and J&J are scheduled to share how they are navigating the challenge of achieving media effectiveness and audience measurement. They will also share their thoughts on the future of data and analytics and how they are adapting to the changes in the TV and video landscape.

"This event will provide great insight into how our US counterparts are navigating the ongoing complexity of the media agenda. We're delighted to be partnering with PwC's CMO Advisory, which will help capture the key themes from the U.S. conference."

Sunita Gloster, who recently joined PwC's CMO Advisory, will attend the ANA Media Conference and also host the Australian event on behalf of PwC.

"Last year, Marc Pritchard, P&G's chief brand officer, tabled an industry-shaping four-point plan to address P&G's media challenges in the face of declining growth and the need for greater accountability for media spend, the biggest single expense in the marketing budget," said Gloster.

"Whilst tremendous progress has been made since Pritchard's 'head fake' warnings regarding non- compliance with media measurement standards, he promises to detail the key gaps that still exist and recommendations on how the industry can raise the bar so that, in his words, 'all the boats rise'.

"The ANA conference is now a landmark event in setting the marketing agenda globally and, together with the AANA, we look forward to bringing the key insights and learnings back for
discussion and action."

The Media Challenge a Year On is a free event to AANA Members.

Sydney Wednesday March 21 at 4pm
Melbourne Monday March 26 at 4pm

Registration and venue details for AANA and non-AANA members is available through the AANA website.

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