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Block_Emergence2018_BLOG_3.jpg"Loose as f*ck, but it works" - Emergence Creative Festival can most simply be described as a mini South by Southwest that's yet to be eaten by its own popularity. It is three days of creative nirvana in Western Australia's magnificent South West.

Part experience, part pilgrimage, part playground; it's where creativity is championed and chaos is embraced. Emergence doesn't so much flow over you as hit you like a freight train and make you rethink what your creative career could be.

In essence, it's the anti-conference for creative types from all walks of life who want to absorb, learn, reset and cut loose in one of the most stunning regions in Australia - Margaret River.

Block_Emergence2018_BLOG_6.jpgBlock_Emergence2018_BLOG_1.jpgBlock_Emergence2018_BLOG_2.jpgBlock_Emergence2018_BLOG_7.jpgThe new identity is rooted in the idea of the glitch; a restless, subversive and never-perfect nod to the creativity Emergence champions. It is never still and is never comfortable - hell, it could all collapse in upon itself at any time - that's what makes it so exciting.

As part of the look, brand imagery is manipulated in a range of treatments to seem as though it's buckling, glitching, eroding and ripping apart and reforming itself.

A slightly modified version of the typeface 'Replica' is a key element of the look. It features special 'glitched' versions of characters allowing the brand concept to erode its way into every headline.

The new identity first appeared late last year at Emergence's Sydney launch and has been slowly emerging since. It will continue to rollout through this year's festival and beyond.

"Emergence is a tough thing to explain - but once you've experienced it, it's impossible to forget. All we could hope to do was create an identity that went someway to convey the wonderful creative tension of the event," said Block's Creative Director Mark Braddock, "Slick and tarted-up trendiness was never going to cut it for Emergence, but at the same time we wanted to create something considered and crafted - just not in the way you'd expect."

"Creativity is a fluid kind of energy that drives innovation, and we now to have an identity that reflects this. It marries perfectly with a festival program and our projects dedicated to creating ongoing impact," said Mat Lewis, Emergence's co-Founder and Chair, "The festival is always in a constant state of 'becoming' and Block's identity reflects that wonderfully. It's not comfortable, nor completely refined - it feels just a little bit dangerous, like all good ideas do."

Watch the Introduction Video HERE.


Creative Director: Mark Braddock
Art Director/Designer/Copywriter: Louis Boys
Designer: Cameron Murray
Account Director: Jessica Richings

Founder & Chair: Mat Lewis
Festival Director: Erin Molloy

Motion Design: The Office of John Cheese
Sound Design: Sonic Lolly



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