Merlin Eden helms VFX on Stephen King's 1922

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1922_BLOG_2.jpgReleased late last year, Netflix production 1922 featured heavy involvement by Perth post-production maestro Merlin Eden, who was Editor and VFX Supervisor on the film.

Based on a Stephen King novella, 1922 was shot in Vancouver but all the VFX work was done in Perth at Eden's Siamese studio.

Check out some of the VFX work HERE.


Wow! said:

I always said Merlin was a magician!

steve vojkovic said:

great work team Siamese - as good as it gets.

jaemie said:

I was literally about to type the same thing Steve. Great job guys. Awesome work.

tony said:

Great Stuff!

Grant said:

Next level. Great work team Siamese!

. said:

Amazing stuff

Steve said:

World class. Bravo!

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