Merlin Eden helms VFX on Stephen King's 1922

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1922_BLOG_2.jpgReleased late last year, Netflix production 1922 featured heavy involvement by Perth post-production maestro Merlin Eden, who was Editor and VFX Supervisor on the film.

Based on a Stephen King novella, 1922 was shot in Vancouver but all the VFX work was done by Eden's Siamese studio.

Check out some of the VFX work HERE.


Wow! said:

I always said Merlin was a magician!

steve vojkovic said:

great work team Siamese - as good as it gets.

jaemie said:

I was literally about to type the same thing Steve. Great job guys. Awesome work.

tony said:

Great Stuff!

Grant said:

Next level. Great work team Siamese!

. said:

Amazing stuff

Steve said:

World class. Bravo!

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