Paul Coghlan announced as ECD of Marketforce with Pat Lennox and Ben Green to depart in June

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Paul Coghlan (pictured), currently Executive Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson Perth, will move to  Marketforce as ECD following the departure of  Pat Lennox and Ben Green, who are leaving in June to start their own consultancy. 

The pair shared their intentions with Marketforce management in early January, to provide advance notice for the agency to find a new creative leader. 

Creative Chairman of Clemenger BBDO, James McGrath reflected on their eight years by saying  "In both we have been the beneficiary of wonderful creative integrity through deep intelligence". 
Coghlan has had a long association with Clemenger, having started in the despatch department as the top graduate for Copy School in Sydney. Prior to joining JWT Perth, Coghlan was Creative Director at Meerkats, where he spent more than eight years, winning a raft of local and international awards for his work across a range of major brands. 

Robert Morgan, Clemenger Group Executive Chairman described Coghlan as a new age creative leader totally comfortable with the opportunities and challenges presented to creativity and the digital/data age. He is also a highly engaging educator, investing time lecturing and tutoring. Last year was appointed Head of Award School in Perth, the pre-eminent training program for aspiring Creatives. 

"Paul joins our wonderful generation of brilliant leaders, uniquely having worked with four of them at different times, Evan Roberts and Stephen de Wolf at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Ant White at CHEP and Levi Slavin at Colenso BBDO" said McGrath. 

During Coghlan's career he has worked on brands such as RAC, iiNet, Mercedes Benz, Telecom NZ, Lotterywest, HBF, Murdoch University, Brownes Dairy, and launched P&N Bank in WA.
Newly appointed Marketforce Chairman and acting CEO Jim Gall said Coghlan would be a key architect of the Agency's new era in Perth.

"Paul will bring great creative leadership to the Clemenger BBDO Network, as well as further enhancing our reputation as the most powerful creative network in Australasia".


Coghlan with Marketforce creatives Neil Martin, Hayden Griffiths and Matt Wilson at Campaign Brief WA's Legendary Lunch in November last year.


Allen Smith said:

Wow. Congrats Paul.

Woah! said:

End of an era. Well done, Paul.
My only question is, what about Joe?

Josh said:

Let me be the first to say: Congrats and * surprised face *.

RedFalcon said:

Massive news. Well done Cogs

Dave Wilson said:

Nice one, Paulus! Always knew those huge thighs would stand you in good stead. D x

Clems in waiting said:

Why hasn't Marketforce rebranded to Clemenger yet??

Hannah said:

nice one Cogsy!

Julio said:

Congratulations, Paul! Onward and upwards...

Karma said:

There's a lot of people smiling right now.

Joe Hawkins said:

@Woah! I'm still very much here :)
Welcome aboard, Paul.

Jaemie said:

Woah! All the best Paul!

Is this PR speak? said:

The pair shared their intentions with Marketforce management in early January, to provide advance notice for the agency to find a new creative leader.

Nice Guys Finish First said:

Couldn't happen to a nicer of the industry's true gentlemen!

Hmmm said:

Every ‘article’ on here is ‘PR speak’. It’s a blog, not a news outlet. People have left agencies for various dubious reasons and we’re never told. Just assume there’s more to the story, because there always is.
Joe, I think it’s more the fact that they already had a high calibre creative in the building, and didn’t necessarily have to look elsewhere.

911 said:

@Hmmm Not another Moonshot/Flat Earth/Lizard People/Fake News conspiracy, is it?

RedFalcon said:

Hitler isn't dead, he is hanging out under the kremlin. Also this is all propaganda.

Hmmm said:

Yes, @911, it’s exactly like that. The fact that there could be more to the story is totally on par with outlandish conspiracies.

Curious said:

What is so bad about JWT that no one wants to stay there?

Dav said:

I'm not surprised, Paul. You've worked your arse off and done some stunning work at JWT. Well deserved.

Andrew Doyle said:

Best of luck to Paul and to Marketforce!

bitter said:

what goes around....

good luck in hollywood BG :)

Aldrin said:

Congratulations, Paul! I was actually expecting this thing to happen. I mean, we all did saw it coming right? Paul is such a great guy and he really is always exerting his best in all what he do. Again, congrats Paul! You deserved it all!

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