WA Super appoints Meerkats as its strategic and creative partner following a competitive pitch

WA Super_MASTER_wostrapline (1).jpgWA Super has appointed Meerkats as its strategic and creative partner following a competitive pitch.

WA Super is a Western Australian industry style super fund with over 60,000 members. The not for profit business manages around 3.5 billion of retirement savings, with services available to anyone who is eligible to have a superannuation account.

"WA Super's purpose is to help our members achieve their retirement dreams. Over the last twelve months we've been implementing significant business changes in order to provide our members with the tools they need to retire the way they want to. The way they always imagined they would," WA Super Chief Executive Officer Fabian Ross says. "We've been busy transforming the products and services we offer and driving innovative thinking throughout the organisation."
"As we look to grow our market and strengthen our bond with the WA community, we're excited to partner with Meerkats," Ross adds. "Our connection through purpose was evident from the outset and they showed a true understanding of what we need to do to continue our transformation. Meerkats showed a strong record of creativity, strategic thinking, collaboration and innovation in their offer, and they were clearly passionate about supporting us to change the superannuation narrative."

CEO of Meerkats, Gavin Bain, says "Meerkats' creative approach to identifying and solving business problems was central to the success of this appointment. Our purpose-led approach connecting to culture, experience and in taking a brand to market clearly resonated with the WA Super team."

"There are significant superannuation challenges facing most Western Australians and we saw incredible passion in the team at WA Super to help everyone understand the scale of the problem. This really resonated with our team who felt there was a huge opportunity to help deliver some unique, category defining solution. We're thrilled to have been appointed and we're already in the process of getting started."

Paul Jamieson, WA Super Head of Product Development & Marketing, says "The whole process was a pleasure to be a part of. Thanks to Sandra Riches from Collaboraid who helped us run a faultless tender and pitch. I'd like to thank the agencies who took the time to submit offers."

"There were a number of reasons Meerkats stood out, but a significant one was their commitment and support of local WA business. As an independent business with local heritage, much like us, it was great to see how they collaborate and work with a range of quality WA suppliers. We're really looking forward to working with the whole team and excited about the diversity of the work to come."

The appointment of WA Super comes on the back of a successful start to the year for Meerkats, winning the coveted account for the West Australian Ballet, as well as new partnerships with DiverseIT, West Australian Industrial Relations Commission, Fabric Property, Natuva, Lawnswood, Blue Water Coffee, Sebtonic and Capricorn Cooperative.