Cannes Contenders: The Brand Agency

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How will Perth perform at Cannes Lions this year? Here Campaign Brief showcases The Brand Agency's work we hope will impress the judges...

WALGA_EXERCISER_REVIVERlr.jpgWALGA/RoadWise: Exerciser Reviver
The Brand Agency
The Exerciser Reviver campaign took the age-old cup of coffee head-on and found a more innovative way to keep drivers alert on the roads. The ambient outdoor campaign involved substituting coffee stops for bespoke mobile workout stations showing drivers that three minutes of intense exercise is twice as effective at boosting energy levels to avoid nodding off. Drivers throughout Perth metro and regional areas were encouraged to pull over and experience a fully interactive mobile workout station that indicated on-screen when their energy levels were full to begin driving again. To continue the experience, or for those who didn't pass the Exerciser Reviver on the road, a 360º interactive exercise video was created for Facebook that targeted specific times and locations when drivers were likely to be starting their next trip.
LewCat-RoadSaftey1-32_RGB crop (1lr).jpgRoad Safety Commission: Drink Driving Bottle Tops
The Brand Agency
Research shows that Western Australia has the highest proportion of adults who consume more than two standard drinks of alcohol per day on average. To combat this, a radio spot was created to target drink drivers who were likely to think that consuming two standard drinks and driving was safe - which it is not. In Western Australia, low-level drink driving is defined as having a blood alcohol content (BAC) between 0.05 and 0.08. And for the average person, that's about two full strength drinks.

RSC_SMALL_DISTRACTIONSlr.jpgRoad Safety Commission: Small Distractions
The Brand Agency
In 2016, 14% of road deaths in Western Australia were due to inattention-related crashes - double the previous 5-year average. Statistics show the use of a mobile phone while driving increases the risk of being involved in a crash by up to 4 times. This outdoor campaign was designed to get drivers to pay attention to their 'inattention' on the roads and was executed using eye-catching ambient installations of cars literally crashing into a distraction. These included giant text messages or a giant map pin, reminding people that a quick glance at their phone while driving can result in serious consequences.

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