Gettin Hectic creates 'Health Gallery' at PCEC for lead in to HBF Run For A Reason

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Few events go to greater lengths to demonstrate brand essence than HBF's 'Run for a Reason'; an event that is organized and underwritten by the leading health insurance brand.

HBF reached out to a range of agencies nationwide to investigate how best to leverage their investment in the event, which attracts around 35,000 participants (half members, half non-members) and has helped raise over $9m for charitable causes to date. The challenge was to engage the 35,000 participants and their families when they come to Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre to collect their shirts and race packs in the 2 days prior to the event.
Specialist experiential marketing agency, Gettin Hectic were selected for this task. Their winning strategy combined a high impact visual design to 'own' the highly impersonal space in the cavernous halls at the PCEC, with an engaging and informative self-guided brand experience. Gettin Hectic identified that whilst it might be fitness that unites this race audience, "health" is an extremely subjective concern; even those people who take their fitness seriously have health needs and the nature of those needs is hugely varied. 

They immersed themselves in data that demonstrates the breadth and extent to which HBF support the health needs of its 1m+ members in WA and enabled these facts to come to life in a gallery style experience featuring a range of installations that encourage interaction and curiosity. 

Through a highly branded entrance tunnel participants were taken on a journey designed to paint a clear picture of the important role that HBF plays in WA society.

A giant lolly jar of teeth told visitors how many 'scale and cleans' were covered by HBF in 2017 alone. A heart-shaped sparkling disco ball spun on its axis to a heartbeat to show the number of heart procedures covered in a year. A huge baby mobile hung above interactive screens through which visitors explored facts on child health to the sound of an infant giggling and chatting. A giant pair of spectacles drew attention to the wonders of clear vision and the ways in which HBF was involved in providing that for over 50,000 members in 2017. A 360-degree bar graph highlighted the 26 million calories that HBF members burned in its free fitness classes and brought that to life by equating it to '110,000 smashed avos', '36,500 F45 Classes' and '100 years of sleep'. 

When Gettin Hectic presented their strategy, Alex Weir of HBF said "Gettin Hectic really understood what we wanted to achieve in terms of creating an engaging and interactive solution that brought the brand to life. The solution presented completely nailed the brief through the creation of a series of installations that reflect the benefits we deliver our members."  
HBF is planning a further experience of the interactive 'Health Gallery' experience and will announce further dates in the second half of 2018.
"We really enjoyed working on this project with the HBF team, developing a shared vision of what HBF means to the wide and varied audience at Run For a Reason," said Gettin Hectic Managing Director David Saraga. "The gallery style aesthetic allowed us to ensure we created a relevant and effective experience for all the audience groups. We were delighted at the result and look forward to showcasing the pieces to the broader WA community."
Natalie Brown - Marketing Consultant, Brand
Alex Weir - Health Events and Sponsorship Manager
Anna Kursar - Marketing Coordinator
Creative Producer: Kristy Warren
Strategy Director: Andy Davey
Managing/ Creative Director: David Saraga 

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