John Driscoll steps down as CEO of Seven West Media WA after eight months in the role

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JohnDriscoll_SWM_BLOG.jpgSeven West Media has today announced that John Driscoll (pictured) has stepped down as CEO Seven West Media WA, after 8 months in the role.

A statement released by SWM said Chairman Kerry Stokes recently discussed with Driscoll new additional responsibilities to the CEO role that would have required extensive travel.  However, after further consultation and consideration, Driscoll has, for family reasons, decided that he would not be able to accommodate the additional responsibilities.
It said Stokes had reluctantly accepted Driscoll's decision to step down, on the understanding that this would not preclude them from working together in the future.

"I would like to thank John for his services," said Stokes. "He has instituted a number of important reforms for our newspapers which will continue to benefit the company after his departure."

A new leader of Seven West Media WA will be announced early next week. 

Driscoll left Marketforce after a near thirty-year career with the agency in June last year, and was announced as the CEO of SWM a week later. In his eight months at SWM, Driscoll has overseen some significant changes, including the appointments of Beau Waters as Group Sales Director and Kate McMahon as Chief Marketing Officer.

In an extended interview in December, Driscoll told CBWA: 
I certainly believe this is the best media job, not only in WA; I actually think it's one of the best in Australia...So for me the opportunity to work here was a no-brainer.  

"I was very keen from day one. I think the key to this role for me was the support - and I can't emphasize this enough - that I've been given from the Chairman, Kerry Stokes and from Tim Worner who have said "We want you to get on with the job; we want you to do this in WA and you make the calls as to how you do it." For me, that was critical in terms of being able to change the direction of this business in Perth and in Western Australia."

When we asked if he was having fun in the job, he answered:
"Some days. It's a very big and complex business but it's also a great challenge and a great opportunity. Do I jump out of bed in the morning with a lot more enthusiasm than I had twelve months ago? Absolutely! Will we get to where I want to get to, as fast as I want to get there? Probably not, but I'm pretty impatient. Time will tell."



I was robbed said:

Ad man of the 3 quarters of a year.

John Wayne said:

Now that the Sheriff has left town is it too late for A Marshall?

Eric said:

Appears to be a serious cultural problem at SWM. No one I know wants to work there, and those I know that do work there, don’t want to work there.
Culture aside, no one has been able to successfully reposition the business. And you can’t cut your way to success. There’s a handful of great media people around Perth that could really tackle that business, but when you wheel in the dinosaurs, or worse still, promote them from within, don’t act surprised when the business continues to lose money. Get outside your Hasler Road bubble, talk to new people that understand the new world.

She said, he said:

Wow! Didn't see that one coming. Sad day for Seven West Media. Very big shoes to fill ...maybe a female lead is on the horizon?? Fingers crossed.

Donna-Maree Gavin said:

Does this mean he has to hand back Ad Man of the Year Award? Asking for a friend!

Tut-tut said:

The award is called "Ad Person of the Year" Donna-Maree! :)

DM’s got a point said:

Three female winners is 31 years - Donna-Maree’s description is pretty accurate. All sorts of old white men have won it.

column centimetre said:

who do i call now for a price on a 20x4? - every sales rep is reluctant to do a deal.

Cindy Henderson said:

Hi column centimetres. We can fit that size in the Australian (and more!). We can also just run ads in WA. Give me a call :)

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