Andrew Mathwin launches new Perth agency Firefly360 to shine a light on modern digital

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A new Perth and Melbourne agency is set to change the way brands approach marketing in today's world. Firefly360 has been launched by WA digital marketing powerhouse Andrew Mathwin, who recently returned from Melbourne to Perth to launch the new brand.

A leading voice in Australian marketing, Mathwin has helped some of the country's biggest brands navigate the digital space: from managing the Jetstar Group's social media strategy and crisis response around natural disasters, to the multi-million digital and omnichannel marketing focus for the Spotlight and Anaconda group of brands. Mathwin recently left his role as head of marketing at wagering and daily fantasy sports platform, Draftstars (a JV between Crownbet, Fox Sports, Seven West Media and partner the AFL) to build his new business model and team in Perth.
With Firefly360, Mathwin said he plans to turn the traditional agency model on its head, fundamentally changing the way brands approach marketing strategy, digital marketing, content generation, social media and mobile experience. He said the agency will combine the best of creative, social and digital agencies with an offering grounded in world-class technology and digital, leveraging his experience from global brands.

"We're in the midst of the biggest revolution in media and marketing since the inception of radio and TV. Seismic media and cultural shifts have created consumers who are smart, well informed and highly cynical about what they're told".

"We know audiences on commercial TV and print are in year-on-year decline and people are now highly adept at filtering out the advertising noise - skippable ads and ad free streaming are just the beginning. Getting the audience's attention is seriously hard; holding it is harder.

"The explosion of content choices and the transparency of the internet has killed a lot of the magic of traditional media and diminished the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Trust in publishers and the power of an advertising voice has been replaced with the certainty of real content, reviews, recommendations, ratings -- a more transparent and democratic substitute. For marketers, being across this shift and managing a complex and fragmented landscape demands a new approach."

Mathwin said 2018 Roy Morgan data shows in the past five years national consumption of commercial television has decreased by 10 per cent, and magazine and newspaper consumption is down 11 per cent and 37 per cent respectively.

"Consumers are now spending time online instead, with 99 per cent of Aussies accessing the internet, streamed television consumption up 77 per cent and online video consumption up 43 per cent."

He said old habits have to be discarded if brands are to have any hope of success in reaching technology-savvy consumers. His new venture will take a strategy and data first, creative and omnichannel approach to marketing that's different to anything currently on offer in the marketplace.

"We've got a plethora of marketing agencies. There are hundreds of creative houses, media buyers, social consultants, developers, content teams and production studios. And yet, with all this support and advice, life as a marketer isn't getting any easier. In fact, I'd wager it's got exponentially harder. Specialist agencies only see one piece of the larger puzzle, making truly scalable success almost impossible. Our challenge now is to look at the overall online and offline experience demanded by customers, and how they interact, and develop solutions that meet these needs.

"It's time we re-invented how agencies help marketers and brands in today's world."


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Congrats Andrew, I'm sure your new venture will be a great success.

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These existing staff are working for Clarity Communications under Firefly360

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Welcome back and congrats Andrew!

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