Angela Nutton ousted from OMD WA

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OMD WA Managing Director, Angela Nutton (pictured), has been made redundant from the Marketforce-owned media agency in the wake of losing its place on the WA Government master media contract (CUA) last month. 

Nutton, one of WA's most experienced and highly regarded media managers, was blind-sided by the move and clearly disappointed, telling CBWA "I don't understand the choices they have made but I leave it in their 'capable' hands to navigate the consequences and outcomes of their business decisions."

Despite the master media loss, Nutton had recently been upbeat about OMD's future after retaining the HBF media business and picking up several new accounts including Silver Chain and Bayswater Car Rental.

Nutton had been with OMD since late 2014, when she was brought in by former Marketforce CEO John Driscoll to lead the national iinet media account, which had become de-stabilised. She was elevated to MD after Bob Goodge departed in February 2015, and quickly set about re-establishing the agency's profile with clients, media and staff. OMD WA won Campaign Brief WA's Media Agency of the Year for 2016.
Her departure comes as former Carat MD Adam Marshall has taken the reins of Marketforce. Marshall was contractually restricted from working since his appointment was announced in March but he commenced on Monday. The agency has been led by Clemenger executive Jim Gall in the interim.

It continues a turbulent recent history for what was once WA's most dominant agency. In September last year, then CEO Paul Everingham promised an industry shake-up in a Business News article. Ten months later, only one of the four-person leadership group appearing in that article - Client Solutions GM Nicole Cikarela - is still with the agency, with Everingham, ECD Pat Lennox and now Nutton all having departed.

The future of the Marketforce name is also the subject of some speculation. Their website homepage currently promises 'A change is coming', rumoured to be re-branding the agency as Clemenger BBDO Perth. If that happens, it will mean the end of a forty-four year (and counting) run as Marketforce.



Old Spice said:

The Marketforce name was an exceptional name and brand when the agency actually delivered against the name because it was the force in Perth advertising. Sadly now it has lost its way and is probably 30% of the size of when it was at its peak the name just doesn't work.

In any event the market has moved to more friendly, less arrogant brand names that resonate strongly with the millennial client decision makers; Host, Meerkats, Monkeys, Rare, Likeable, &Partners etc.

IMO said:

What a huge loss.

Chris said:

Strange decision - I think Ange did an amazing job post the WA Government loss, with the HBF retention and more recently picking up Silver Chain Group. It doesn't seem the decision was made based on performance.

Wendy said:

That's really sad. Good luck for the future Angela.

Ange Fan said:


You've always been amazing to work with on many levels.
With change comes growth and I'm excited to see where the next chapter propels you to.

Embrace it and enjoy.

#AngeForPresident said:

In a world too often ruled by men with dollar signs in their eyes, Ange was a glimmer of hope for us girls. She taught us that kindness, honesty and integrity are key to building lasting relationships and respect. Although these values are lost on some, they are not on us.

So for that, we say thank you, Ange. Let’s hope the change that is coming is a wake up call that we need people like you, and that egos don’t build respect, character does.

Steve - WA Billboards said:

What a loss to the industry.
However Ange will pop up somewhere, she always does.:-)

Devastated said:

Angela is a true professional and her presence will be greatly missed at OMD WA. In a world full of Donald Trumps it is such a shame that the business let a strong female leader slip away! #angeforpresident

Roger Farley said:

All I can add is a big 'thanks' to Angela for her work and massive input to the valuable work and professionalism she gave to all clients.
Your integrity and partnering approach has benefited many, and we are extremely grateful for all you have done and the example you set for others.
You have managed to help me through some new ground and assisted In achieving great clarity for client and provider alike, and ensured the best delivery and returns on our investments.
I wish you well for your next chapter, and hope we have the pleasure of working with you again.

Danielle said:

A real loss, was so looking forward to working with you again Ange. You were always so professional and a real pleasure to work with x

JT said:

Disappointing to say the least. Ange has been influential in driving my portfolio to OMD over the last couple of years.

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