&Partners puts fathering first, this Father's Day

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&Partners were recently engaged by The Fathering Project to develop a campaign idea in the lead up to Father's Day. The Fathering Project is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to inspire and support fathers and father figures to be the best dads they can be - for the sake of their children.

The campaign was designed to encourage busy dads to identify with their most important role and 'Put Fathering First'. The main component of the campaign is an online film featuring influential, and everyday dads declaring that they're 'fathers first'. The film urges dads to change their Facebook and LinkedIn profile title to 'Dad, Father, Step Dad or Father Figure' first. 

"It's a small but important gesture" said Fathering Project CEO, Wayne Bradshaw. "The majority of dads identify with fathering as a secondary role, after whatever it is they do for a living. The purpose of the campaign is to inspire dads to reassess the value of their first and most important job - being a father, and using Father's Day as a platform to highlight fathering."
The first piece of content was published to The Fathering Project's Facebook page and within a few hours had reached over 25,000 people organically, through views, likes, comments and shares.  

The content piece was filmed on phone cameras, produced by Beautiful Pictures and edited by The Office of John Cheese. 

Client: Wayne Bradshaw
Marketing Consultant: Giulia Palandri
Agency: &Partners
Creative Director: Bryan Dennis
Creative Director: Dav Tabeshfar
Production Co.: Beautiful Pictures
Producer: Kate Downie
Post: The Office of John Cheese
Editor: James Hawkes


Working Mum said:

Love this piece, well done guys!
As a mother, I'm very often a martyr and claim "I do EVERYTHING around the house and for the family (kids & husband) as well as working full time". I could go on...
The truth of the matter is my husband is an awesome dad and when I think about it, probably does more where the kids are concerned: weekend swimming lessons, bath time, reading, bed time, etc. and works full time too. He adores them and they adore him. Thanks &Partners and The Fathering Project for helping me realise this, just in time for Father's Day ;o)

Danielle said:

Nice one Dav and Brian!

Clint Logan said:

Great work Dav.

Another Working Mum said:

Great piece, however would have been more impactful if the ambassadors had of actually added "Father" to their LinkedIn profiles. A quick search fails to show any "Fathers" from the line up.

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