RAC reaches out to local renters with native campaign on Vice via Initiative and Digital Loop

Vice has launched a fresh native series for RAC Renters Insurance. Comprised of a native article and video produced by Vice with RAC, the series explores what it's like to live in a rental property - as seen through the eyes of a young person.  

The native article, Perth Sharehouses Are the Best in Australia, delves into collection of Perth share houses, exploring their experiences both bad and good accompanied by a photos to deliver a true and humorous insight into share house culture in Perth.

The native video features Vice editor, Julian Morgan - whose share house was recently broken into - and his kooky and hilarious methods of protecting his house, including Home Alone-style booby traps, having a witch cast spells and even a pile of deadly snakes.

Chris Coufos, Managing Director of Digital Loop said it was a fantastic example of the quality of native content that can be produced via Vice. 
"Having recently taken out all of the big awards for content last year combined with their global creative team, Vice is second to none when it comes to reaching millennials via truely engaging content, made for young people by young people."

View the native video HERE
View the native article HERE

Simone Woodward: Marketing Manager - Insurance
Katy Lucas: Marketing Communications Manager - Insurance
Natalie Salinovich: Investment Partnerships Manager
Harriet Cohen: Senior Investment Partnership Executive
Digital Loop
Chris Coufos: Director
Kelli O'Reilly: Native Director
Ingrid Kesa: Executive Editor of Native Content