Bruce the Blue Heeler back to drive new campaign for Midalia Steel via Ad Impact

The new 30-sec TV ad for Midalia Steel follows the journey of Bruce the dog, Midalia Steel's blue heeler mascot, inside of a delivery truck as it delivers to three main customer types - rural, commercial and residential.

As the truck makes its deliveries, we see the surprised faces of Midalia customers , each of whom exclaim the classic "mmMate" phrase. The payoff at the end of the ad is that Bruce has been driving the truck all along - solidifying that Midalia Steel is 'steel the one'.

The new campaign will run in both metro and regional Western Australia.

Managing Director, Luciano D'Ambrogio said, "we are proud to be part of this very strong WA iconic brand, which we have worked on for over 20 years now".

Watch the TVC HERE.

Agency: Ad Impact
Account Director: Luciano D'Ambrogio
Creatives: Luke D'Ambrogio, George La Falce
Animation - Logo: Luka Znaor, Ad Impact
Animation - Dog Muzzle: Paul Siciliano, Staccato
Production Co: Split Screen Productions
Producer: Lee Guy-Wallis
Director: Scott Wright
Sound: Brad Habib, Soundbyte
Editing: Bruce Flint, First Light