Cooch art director Aleisha Zappia publishes her first book for children Monsters Don't Wear Ties

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Already well known as an artist, Cooch art director Aleisha Zappia has ventured into publishing with the release of her first children's book Monsters Don't Wear Ties.

Zappia has illustrated books previously but this is her first time writing as well as illustrating the story.

"I love developing characters from my imagination and the things I see every day. It's so different to the sort of work I do day-to-day. I get to be as wild with my ideas as I like."

Predominantly for children up to 6 years of age, Zappia said the message behind Monsters Don't Wear Ties is not to grow up too fast; play, explore and just be a kid.

"I once read a saying that stuck with me - "You don't stop playing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop playing" - so 'keep playing' is the theme for my story."

Monsters Don't Wear Ties is available on Zappia's website Unleished Art


Josh B said:

Great work Leish.

I'm looking forward to the kids opening it up on Chrissy morning.

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