New director Alex Feggans for Sandbox

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Sandbox has bolstered their stable of directors with the addition of Alex Feggans. 

Feggans has directed campaigns for some of the world's biggest brands including HSBC, Coke, Netflix & SBS and always works tirelessly to make sure he brings the creative team's ideas to life in the most compelling way.

Best known for his ability to elicit strong performances and create vibrant cinematic worlds, Feggans is driven by a passion to tell character-driven stories that are entertaining and memorable. 

"Alex prides himself on having a clear vision but loves to collaborate and believes that having an open mindset will always yield the best results,"  said Sandbox MD Grady Habib. "Above all else, he loves to make films and always brings a boundless energy to each and every project,"

View his work here and contact Sandbox if you'd like him to treat on your next project.

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