Lindsay.jpgSong Zu has announced that composer, Lindsay Jehan, has joined the Song Zu Singapore team coinciding with the unveiling of their newly renovated studios (see photos below).
Jehan has spent the past 12 years working in London and the US, for top music houses, Human (New York & L.A), Amber Music (London & New York) and Baron and Baron.
His work has featured on Cannes, AICP and One Show award winners and includes the Ridley Scott directed Barclays Bank ‘Cheque’, world-wide spots for Sprite, Baileys, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Hermes and MasterCard and US spots for Adidas, Audi, Burger King, Fed Ex, Ford, Gatorade, GMC, Ikea, Mercedes, Lexus, Miller, Nike, Pepsi, Smirnoff, Sony, S.O.S, UPS and Vodafone to name a few.
He re-mixed Gershon Kingsley’s Popcorn for the Beastie Boys, I Feel Love for The Blue Man Group and did an X Files Movie re-mix for Larry Mullen Jnr and Adam Clayton. His co writing credits include work with David Gamson (Scritti Politti, Meshell Ndegeocello, Chaka Khan), Eric Sanicola (Pink, Jennifer Lopez) Sidh Solanki (Kaiser Chiefs, Sugarcult) and David Baron (Lenny Kravitz).
Jehan brings access to a wide range of high profile US talent that can now be utilised by Song Zu’s clients in Asia, Australia and beyond.
Contact Donny Pereira in Singapore at or Ian Lew in Sydney at for more details.

songzu email pictures for CB.jpgThe New Song Zu Singapore by Emma Maxwell Design
Lindsay Jehan’s arrival coincides with the unveiling of Song Zu Singapore’s completely renovated premises on Neil Road, designed by Emma Maxwell, who was responsible for the prestigious Ideas Awards nominated interior design at Song Zu Sydney. Emma can be contacted at


Anonymous said:

We open in Singapore....

Anonymous said:

Good one 11:49. You really made your point.

Anonymous said:

The camera pulls back to reveal the unmistakable (and unfakeable in a studio) Raffles Hotel.

Anonymous said:

I thought drugs were illegal over there... looks great.

Anonymous said:

1.11pm Actually they are illegal in Australia too mate. Too many nights at Bayswater and Hugos hey??

Anonymous said:

So is this the same Lindsay Jehan who used to work at Song Zu a few years back?

Anonymous said:

Well spotted 9:43

Lindsay has previously worked at both our Sydney and Singapore studios and both doors were left very wide open to him when he left for the UK / US.

We're stoked that he's back.

Ian Lew

toad said:

That brings him closer to Australia. Hope he eventually makes it all the way.

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